Restarting an Old Good Habit

So, you’ve begun getting your body and mind into a good routine these past few weeks by sticking to your resolutions. (You’re actually one of the few that takes them seriously, by the way.)

The thing is, this isn’t where it stops. It doesn’t suddenly become second nature and with you for life. No. Down the road, sometimes things happen. Sometimes you get really sick, or you have a child, or you get married, or you move into a new place. Well, these are the times that you have to remember your necessity and work extra hard at it. Because these are also the times that derail your routine and throw your everyday habits for a loop.

Think about it. Think back on your life when you started a good habit, a new one that changed your life for the better for the time being. Now, do you still do that same thing on the daily? Has it stuck with you?

If so, good for you. Good for you for keeping at it and making it a part of you.

If not, you’re not alone. But think back on where the habit died. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that it likely happened when you had a major event take part in your life.

Maybe you were packing up some cheap moving boxes and moving into a new house in a new neighborhood in a new city. Maybe you got rid of some of those cheap moving boxes worth of tons of books that you had read as a part of one of your good habits back in the day. Maybe having those books around would have served as a great reminder to keep reading, to increase your knowledge and keep your body on a great sleeping schedule.

Whatever the case may be, your habits have dropped off because you didn’t keep at them in the face of adversity. Can anyone blame you? Not at all. But you can blame yourself. And you can also remember the time that you did all of those good things and how they helped you.

So get started again with whatever it was you used to be good at doing. You did it once. It won’t be as hard as doing it that first time simply because you remember. You remember the good it did you and the way you felt after. That’s all the headstart you need on this second or third or fourth time going back into a good routine.

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