Unique Types of Cheap Moving Boxes

When most of us think about a cardboard box, we think about the stereotypical, brown, square or rectangular box. But did you know there are a lot of unique types of moving boxes, each with a unique use and purpose? Here’s some out of the ordinary boxes!

Hanging clothes boxes.

These boxes tend to be relatively tall, generally four to five feet in height. From the outside they look pretty ordinary, albeit a bit larger than normal. But, when you open the box, you’ll find a single metal bar going across the inside of the box. The purpose of the box, and the metal bar inside, is to allow you to store and transport hanging clothes! The metal bar lets you to hang clothes up inside the box, and the tall height ensures that they don’t drag on the floor of the box, causing wrinkles or damage. These boxes can be hugely helpful if you need extra storage for your winter clothes or if you’re moving nice articles of clothing like fur coats or an old wedding dress.

Shipping tubes.

One of the biggest challenges when packing or moving is how to handle posters or large documents. Laying them flat would require a very large, and probably very skinny, box, but folding them up will leave permanent creases that could damage a poster or piece of art. That’s where shipping tubes come in! Shipping tubes are just what they sound like, cardboard tubes that can range in length from a foot to six feet long! Posters, documents or art can be rolled and inserted into the tube, keeping them safe and crease-free. Shipping tubes can also be a great way to transport long, skinny items like baseball bats or fishing poles.

Handled boxes.

We’ve all been there, trying to carry a heavy box upstairs and suddenly feeling our grip start to slip. If you’re simply carrying boxes of clothes or something similar, a dropped box may not be that big of a deal. But if you’re carrying a box filled with dishes or other valuables, a dropped box can be a day-ruining experience. And that’s where handled boxes come in. These boxes fold up in a way that provides a handle a the top, similar to a shopping bag. It makes the box easy to carry and gives you the peace of mind that you won’t drop anything and have to deal with broken dishes!

There are plenty of other unique box designs out there and, if you need it, you can even find companies that will provide custom built cardboard boxes that will fit your unique need perfectly!

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