Tips for Getting You in the Wrapping Mindset!

Wrapping presents. It’s most people’s least favorite activity to perform around the holidays, as it can be time consuming, and confusing. There also is not usually a “one size fits all” way to wrap presents, as each package can be shaped differently and some gifts can be quite large! Also, the art of tying a box and using twine to make your packages look pretty can be quite confusing. Below are some short and simple tips for how to make wrapping a present a no-brainer for you this year.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the right supplies

Do not use that old wrapping paper you had stuffed in your basement closet, the one that was bent and torn apart by the dog last year. Instead, make a special shopping trip out to grab all of the necessary packaging supplies you will need to get these gifts wrapped! Suggested items include: tape, scissors, ribbons and bows, wrapping paper, maybe even some coffee to help you stay motivated! We recommend getting new everything, that way you will for sure not run out. There is nothing more frustrating than getting started on wrapping gifts to find out that you do not have enough tape to finish the job.

Tip 2: Make a dedicated “wrapping zone”

Clear some space in a part of your house that can become the DWZ (dedicated wrapping zone) and make sure the kids do not have access to this! Places like the den, office, and attic all work really well. From there, if you have to move some things around and get some space cleared, go ahead and do that! If you have a clutter-free zone, it will only be better for you in the long run. Put in a small coffee table or workbench next to you that you can put all of the packaging supplies on that you just bought! That way you will not have to waste time looking for the scissors!

Tip 3: Get a practice wrap in

People often laugh at this, but this is a serious tip that is highly recommended. Find a weird shaped object and practice wrapping it a few times to get used to it. Ask yourself questions during this time like “how much tape did I use?”or “what parts of the paper need to be crunched in to fill the empty holes? Also time yourself to see how long it takes you to wrap a gift, in case you have to rush through any last minute shopping and wrapping on Christmas eve!

These practical tips should make wrapping gifts a lot less stressful for you this year! Finally, make sure you wrap your gifts as early as you can, because who doesn’t want lots of presents under the tree?

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