4 More Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

We had one of these articles recently, but another couldn’t hurt around this time of year. Whether your office is having a holiday gift exchange (and no matter how the rules work) or you just wanted to present something to one of your coworkers, this list of items contains enough unique but useful things that would be appreciated by someone in your office.


Just stuff a nice or unique coffee mug (or tin mug!) into a box with packaging supplies like bubble wrap or packing paper and you’re good to go. If you don’t have packaging supplies like this, wrapping it in newspaper and putting it in a bag is fine, too. Just make sure you let people know not to knock it around if the mug you get is ceramic.


USB outlet converter.

I’m always peeved when I need one of these things but don’t have one. They’re useful for plugging phone chargers in. They’re useful for computers. They’re just downright useful. And who has ever been disappointed to have multiple of these? No one. This makes a great gift for a coworker.

Desk decor.

Whether it’s holiday themed or something that could sit on a desk yearound, pieces of decor like picture frames, figurines, or abstract artsy items can spice up a coworker’s desk for the better. If anything, they’ll at least have it on their desk for the first month after the gift exchange since they’ll likely suspect you’re looking for it to be on display.

Desk lamp.

I absolutely love desk lamps, to be honest. I have a standing floor lamp in my office currently, yet I’m fixing to move it across the room and put a desk lamp on my desk for a more ambient vibe. The cool thing is that desk lamps aren’t just functional; they also look great and come in thousands of varieties. The shades are quite unique and customizable among them too, so your coworker can always go out and get a different lampshade or even type of light bulb for different lighting. (Maybe I’m just hyped up about getting myself a new desk lamp soon. Maybe this isn’t as cool of a gift as I’m making it out to be. Ehhh, who cares?)

You’re sure to make an impression on someone in your office by bringing one of these gifts to your gift exchange this year (or whatever else you’re doing), so get to looking for something neat!

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