Preparing Your Kids’ Move from College over Break

When your kid comes home from college, it can be quite an overwhelming task that they didn’t think about. But when it comes down to transferring their living things, clothes, books, and other essentials, it seems like there’s always a shortage on containers—you don’t have enough totes, bags, or other odd containers laying around. However, you can fix that problem and make the move home so much easier for your kid by getting a handful of cheap moving boxes. The uses you’ll get out of these things are numerous.

A lot of lids for containers like totes seem to go missing at some point or another. Moving boxes, on the other hand, always have their trusty flaps. Whether you crisscross the top flaps to secure them or use packaging tape, you’ll never misplace its “lid.” This is especially useful when they use these boxes during breaks throughout the school year. They’ll be using these boxes a lot.

Cost efficient.

Compared to other alternatives, moving boxes are quite cheap. As mentioned before, you’ll be using these moving boxes quite frequently while your child is in college. Why fork out a pretty penny just to move them to and from college when you’re likely already paying enough for their tuition?

Environmentally friendly.

I’m sure your child will come home at some point mentioning how many recycling bins there are on campus or the amount of student organizations there are centered around the environment. Get ahead of the game and choose corrugated cardboard boxes—they’re entirely recyclable and biodegradable (unlike plastic totes or bags!). Your kid will think you’re pretty up-to-date and cool for thinking of the environment.

Easily stored.

Because you can break down cardboard boxes by flatpacking them, their required storage space in your home is almost nonexistent. Whereas other containers, crates, and totes take up a lot of space, cardboard boxes can slide into thin areas or lean up against walls to take up virtually zero room.

So, when you’re helping your kid pack to come back home, send them along with some cheap moving boxes to make packing for break a lot easier on them. Their advantages far outweigh other common containers, because you’ll save a decent amount of money. As a bonus, there are all sorts of sizes to choose from when it comes to cardboard boxes. You’ll always have the size you need thanks to the many dimensions they come in.

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