4 Essential Supplies You Should Have at Your Office

How often do you think about the essentials you need in your desk at the office? It kind of sucks when you really need a pair of scissors and don’t have any. Or when you’re out of staples because you didn’t think you would need to refill for a long time.

Having your desk at the ready with the things you need on a daily basis shows you’re thinking ahead, on track, and prepared for the unexpected.

Avoid looking underprepared by having to ask around for office basics by grabbing these ____ supplies.


You’ll want it for pinning notes to your desk. You’ll want it to mend tears. You’ll want it to repair your cracked pen (maybe you should go get more of those, too).

Tape is one of the main items people think about when they hear “office supplies.” There’s a reason for that: it can be used in so many different ways.


Sharpies aren’t just for writing on cardboard boxes and other shipping boxes. They come in handy a lot of the time around the office, too. Whether you’re addressing a package on a manilla envelope or writing a notice to be hung on your door, sharpies are too useful to not have in your desk’s drawer.

Also, while black is the go-to color that everyone needs, having a red sharpie can help to draw attention in the case of important notes.


Plastic, cardboard, wooden. Whatever the case, having some sort of box, even old shipping boxes, is great to have in case you need to take documents or other work home.

You can even have two as “trays.” One for finished work, one for unfinished. Get crafty if you like.


Ahh. The thing you never seem to have when you need it most. It’s one of those items that you question purchasing: “If I do buy it, I’ll never use it. But if I don’t buy it, I’ll need it at some point.”

At the very least, have some in case coworkers need it. Important documents with mistakes written in pen normally can’t be fixed, but white-out does the trick in a pinch.

When it comes down to it, having important office supplies is better than not having them. Make it a point to take a trip to the store and check the essentials off your list so that you can be better prepared when the time comes.

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