Shipping Supplies for Your Home or Business Needs

When you are in the process of moving, whether it is into a new house, a smaller apartment, or even your local college dorm room, you will always need a certain item to make the move go smoother. That item is a cardboard storage box. In most cases, you will need at least a few boxes to make the transition easier. For many, cardboard boxes are difficult to find, even though they are an important part of any packing process you are in. They are useful when you are in the process of relocating or downsizing.

Additionally, these types of boxes are great for when you are running a small business and need boxes to mail your product in. Online shipping costs are often quite expensive, so having the right shipping supplies available for your products will help your business grow. Your customers will see how carefully you pack and ship your products and will wish to purchase from you in the future.

Box Styles

We can provide you with many different cardboard storage boxes in a variety of sizes and styles for all of your shipping needs.

Are you looking for a box that will store your items for the time being? Maybe you need a good, sturdy box to ship your merchandise safely. The Regular Slotted Container, or RSC, easily folds up and can then be secured with the use of either staples or tape.

For those looking for a self-storage box, the Half Slotted Container, or HSC, is the perfect fit. The HSC has a cover that is able to be removed and replaced over and over again. This box is also smaller and is perfect for shipping smaller, fragile items that do not need a large box.

If you are shipping something and you expect rough conditions or you need extra sturdy boxes for rough storage areas, choose the Full Overlap container, or FOL. The FOL is made with corrugated material for heavy-duty protection.

Finally, when you need to separate a package, use the Corrugated Pad, or PAD, to do so. The PAD allows you to separate your package by layers.


We are here to provide our valued customers with reliable, sturdy boxes that will help make packing and storing various items much more convenient. These boxes are sturdy and solid, so there is no need to worry that your items will be damaged or broken. There is no minimum amount required for purchase, so feel free to buy just one box or place an order for dozens. We are here to provide you with whatever you need, in any quantity you desire.

While most cardboard storage boxes come in the standard brown color, we can provide other colors upon request. This allows businesses to develop their own unique brand identity when it comes to their shipping materials. Not only do we offer multiple color schemes, but we also provide free printing on the storage boxes. This is called Flexo Printing and is always provided at no charge.

You can place your order today through PayPal. We do not share your information and your payment is kept secure. You can then track your shipment online. Every shipment is typically delivered within one to two weeks.

Please contact us today for all of your shipping and storage needs.

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