Boost Your Sales Through Online Shipping

Online shipping can be a major make-or-break point for your customers. The type of shipping you offer, the amount of time it takes, the cost, and the style and various inserts can influence whether customers choose to order your products online and if they come back for more in the future.

Shipping Methods

The first place to start is to choose which shipping methods you want to offer based on which work best for your company and your customers.

The basic methods you have to choose from are:

Free shipping
This method is likely to be the most attractive to your customers as it lets them know they can expect to pay the prices listed with your products without having to add in extra cost. Additional shipping costs can cause customers to turn away before checking out if they think they are getting a deal but end up having to pay as much or more for shipping than they are for your products.

Flat-rate shipping
Flat-rate shipping can be a nice compromise between helping your company offset shipping costs while still letting the customers know what to expect when it comes to shipping fees. A flat-rate fee also has the potential to increase sales as the customer may want to buy as many items as possible at one time so they only have to pay the shipping fee once.

Real-cost shipping
This method allows your company to ensure the cost of shipping is covered and you do not loose money on large orders. Having the customer pay the actual shipping cost many benefit your pocketbook at a glance but may have a negative impact on sales in the long run as calculated shipping costs can take the customer by surprise when they go to check out. Unexpectedly high costs can result in customers walking away in frustration instead of completing their purchases.

Same-day delivery
Same-day delivery can be an attractive option and a powerful selling point, especially when you are working with a local customer base. These options can especially help boost holiday sales or may attract customers who enjoy the online shopping experience but don’t like to wait for their products to arrive.

Shipping Supplies: Packaging as a Branding Opportunity

How your items are packaged can also have a strong influence when it comes to creating repeat customers. Unusual or high-quality packaging enhances the online shopping experience and increases the chances that your customers will want to order products from you again. Additionally, unique packaging can lead to customers posting pictures or unpacking videos online, which can result in free publicity and an increased customer base.

Inserts and Add-Ins

Including coupons, pamphlets, or free samples in your customers’ packages can also boost your sales. These additional items can help maintain interest in your products, and special coupons can help create repeat business. Also, including small gifts or thank you notes – anything nice and unexpected, really – can make your customer feel like they are receiving a gift instead of a package they paid for.

Enhancing the experience of online shopping, shipping, and receiving of products can have a positive impact on your business and can help increase your sales through new and repeat customers.

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