Tips to increase your brand’s design effectiveness

1. Target your audience
When designing a package for your product, in mind, you should have a few questions. Who is your customer? What is their level of income? Demographics such as sex, age, the area of residence are all key factors that will address the needs and interests of your target audience. Trimming down a broad audience to a specific line of an audience has proven to be the most effective way of attracting clients and increasing sales.
2. Outline the benefits
Appealing packaging designs will highlight the advantages of the brand. This aspect should retain the clientele’s attention and loyalty. The packaging design should outline reasons as to why the product is easy to use or what it does for the client uniquely.
3. Test the waters
Take out multiple packaging designs to the market and test to see what packaging design catches the eye of your target clients. You could take print out your designs in 3D display and get a one on one thought from prospective customers on the best design.
4. Consider your cost line
Remember to stay along with your budget line. Do not overspend on designing a product that is low priced. You are in business for some profits, keep all costs reasonable.
5. Study competitor brands
Studying a competitor’s design may help you arrive at a better position. Try to picture where your product will seat at the store and what product seats next to it. Walk around stores to gain better visualization of how your packaging design ranks compared to that of your competitor. Does it stand out?
6. How distinctive is your product?
Design your package in a way it fits well on the store shelves but still stands out from the rest of the related products. If the packaging becomes too distinctive towards awkwardness, chances are high clients will mistake your product for another unrelated item on the shelf hence lower sales.

7. Pick the appropriate packaging materials
Is your product stored well in paper, bags or containers? Which packaging supplies would be the most cost effective for you? Ensure that your choice will strike both aesthetic and cost friendly aspects simultaneously.
8. Go for a trademark appearance
Do you have a range of products? If yes, you need to build a look that drives all your products to the same picture. A trademark will help you create a reputation for confidence and consistency and eventually, better sales.
9. Consider customer experience with your product
Your product is probably new in the market. What will make a client want to try your product? Can they touch it? Is your packaging designed to allow clients to interact with the product? If not, you may want to take your time and evaluate shopper experience as an essential selling point.
10. Grab attention
Just like a billboard on the road works so should your packaging design. Can shoppers process the critical message your packaging is trying to put up without straining? Use minimal words in your packaging. An image on your design would speak more than words. Try and maneuver your packaging design between simplicity and elegance.
The design on your package should forge a bond between intended customers and your product and hence become a major determining factor on the sales expected to make.

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