Boosting Your Motivation To Start Packing For A Move

Preparing to relocate can be extremely demotivating. It takes up a lot of time and is the worst part of the moving process. Because of this you may want to work towards getting yourself motivated. Losing motivation to pack is not an uncommon issue. There are ways to combat this feeling though. You have to tackle the mental state that is demotivating you in order to get on track and get it done. Here are 7 ideas that will help you get the motivation you need to start and finish packing.

1. Split the project into small manageable tasks
Packing a whole house is discouraging the moment you know it has to be done. You can easily lose motivation when you know you have days to spare before the move has to happen. Breaking down the project can make the big picture less overwhelming. By accomplishing the smaller tasks you will get a sense of progress that will motivate you to keep going and ultimately get the entire job done.

2. Commit to rewarding yourself at completion
Knowing that you are receiving something at the end of getting a job done can push you to works towards completion. Your reward can be anything you would really enjoy, but if you don’t have the time for anything major, you can still set up smaller rewards for yourself.

3. Begin in the right place
Picking the right room to begin packing in is more important than it may seem. Pack the hardest rooms first. This helps your motivation to pack because you’ve already tackled the hardest part of the packing project. Start in your storage area first and then move on to your kitchen. After you’ve done those two places and start to lose steam, the other areas that need to be handled won’t be as daunting.

4. Use a packing checklist
The checklist will help guide you on your packing project. You will establish a strong timeline and get things done much faster and in a more organized manner.

5. Get rid of distractions
Having to stop in the middle of packing a box can be quite discouraging. Try to keep distractions to a minimum as multitasking can be pretty draining. The less energy you have the lower your motivation will be to pack.

6. Bring a friend to make it interesting
Asking a friend to help you pack can make it less stressful and tiresome. Explain the type of help you’re looking for up front and offer to return the favor whenever help is needed on their end. Anything that involves friends makes the task that much more fun. If you plan well enough, once your friend arrives you can spread out the shipping supplies and begin to divide and conquer.

7. Keep in mind you’re saving money
To boost motivation think about how much money you are not spending hiring movers to pack for you. You already know what you want packed together and what rooms you want to label your boxes to place items in when they arrive at the new location. Hiring movers to pack and then move your items can get costly so its always best to pack what you can on your own and just have the movers relocate the items.

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