When shipping a gift of a package, the most challenging part is not the transportation but the packaging. Packaging determines what condition your product will get to its destination, it also defines the charges or by the shipping company.

It is therefore necessary to get the packaging right so as to get the right value of the product, there are a couple of tips that we are going to address in this text that will give you best results when it comes to how to package your product.

1. Remove old shipping labels. If you are the kind that is eco-friendly and like to take care of the environment, then you probably re-use your old shipping box which is a great thing. Though, you are supposed to make sure that the tables do not have barcodes from the last shipping supplies which might cause confusion and have the package sent to the wrong address. Or if you are lucky and the shipping company you use are keen they might call you to follow up which only slows down the process and delaying the transportation schedule.

2. Take advantage of free shipping boxes from the company. Before opting for the re-Use of old boxes, you can contact the shipping company you are going to use and ask if they give free boxes or mailers and envelopes for small items. Most shipping supplies in the United States are providing these services for free or on a flat rate program depending on the size or weight of things you intend to send.

3. Use the H-shape method when applying tape. In an event that you are using a box for shipment it is advisable to use the tape along the edges of the box surface and on the seams if it is an irregular object, when doing this use the H-shape pattern which ensures the package is well taped. Also when using tape ensure you go for the plastic or reinforced paper tape which is usually 2-inches wide, this tape is strong compared to masking tape or cellophane a word of caution; shipping companies as a regulation measure do not allow the use of duct-tape.

4. The box-within-a-box. In instances where you are packaging fragile items one box cannot be enough, instead nest a table within another for extra protection and for the method to be effective make sure you insulate between the two plates by using crumpled newspapers, or other cushioning material to restrict movement. This cushioning material should also be used in the first box that has the packaged item. When you are using newspaper as cushioning material consider the ink used since it can bleed off onto other stuff, always be careful to avoid smudging to the item.

5. Provide labels or business cards. When packaging always ensure inside the shipping box you have some information about the product and some contacts this way in case the material you use for shipping is damaged the company can get some information from the document.

6. Consider the shipping schedule. Just because you went to the shipping company on Monday it does not mean that the product you are shipping is dispatched immediately, check with the company schedule to know how dispatch is arranged, also as a caution measure consider international holiday schedules as they might affect the shipping process.

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