Packaging Supplies: How to Sell the Products Creatively

Graphic designers and marketers today are working together to gain more sales by introducing an artistic way to present their products through clever packaging supplies. With an inventive mind, hundreds of new packaging ideas can be generated. Here are some of the best packaging ideas that can be used by marketers and product manufacturers:

1. The packaging should be usable, and the consumers should be able to recycle the packaging for other uses. Examples of this technique can be found on ball-shaped packaging designs that have the product placed inside. If the packaging is in a shape of the ball and the product inside are made of candies or chocolates, the children purchasing it would be eager to finish all of the sweets inside because of the toy that they can use later on.

2. The packaging should also be product friendly, and it should reflect a great relationship with the product. Examples would be ketchup bottles. Since it tends to become sticky when placed in traditional containers, an upside-down bottle of ketchup makes it easier to release the product. The sales of a popular ketchup brand rose significantly after they introduced this kind of packaging to their products.

3. Special edition packaging would give the buyers an impression that the product is unique, and they would be purchasing the product because of its rarity. Companies could also team up with special events to make a tie-in packaging that would get the attention of consumers. The most common events where special edition packaging becomes prevalent are during the Olympics or the World Cup.

4. Packaging designers should also think about being unique and creative. They should try breaking the rules that confined specific products to their repetitive packagings, like toothpaste and shoes, and use their creative skills to redesign the packaging for these products. The packaging would either be a success or a failure, but at least, they have tried.

5. Packaging designers should also consider the fact that most people would not want a product that would require them to put an extensive effort to open it or a product that has too many words printed on it. The consumers only need the simplest presentation, and they are looking after the convenience when considering the products that they would want to buy.

6. Product marketers should also be an active social media user because their primary goal is to make their product trending and viral. If they gained too much attention on social media, the product would create a hype that would increase the possibilities of a sale. This would also draw the attention of the public, and many would start getting curious if the product made that much attention.

7. The packaging of the product should also consider the plight of the consumers who are going to use it. We can see that this idea applies to chips and snacks manufacturers, in the sense that a lot of people tend to finish only half or a quarter of the food inside. Products that give the consumers an ability to seal off the packaging has more chances of selling them to the public.

8. The packaging should also include humor, and the consumers should think that it is fun. If you placed together two products, with one being boring and the other one being funny, people would choose the latter.

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