Moving During the Winter: 10 Things You Have to Know

Moving during the winter can be scary, until you find out it can actually be beneficial for you and your family. The majority of people move during the summer, making moving companies busier and harder to book. Prices are at a premium and good luck finding cheap shipping supplies. That being said, take this winter move with stride with these 10 quick tips for moving during the winter:

1) The Earlier the Better
Winter means we have limited daytime light and it is typically a tad chillier come nightfall. Do yourself a favor and start packing as early as possible. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the sunlight throughout the day.
2) Salt is your Best Friend
The winter typically comes with snow and ice. To make your move as smooth and safe as possible coat the walk and driveways with salt the days leading up to and the night before your move. This will make it easier to clear them of any snow and ice. The last thing you need is a broken bone and a trip to the ER on move day!
3) Layer it Up
You never know how hot or cold you are going to get while moving all of those boxes. Wearing layers will give you the freedom to add or remove clothing when you get too hot or cold.
4)Get the Car Ready
The moving truck is ready to go, but is your own vehicle equipped to handle taking you and your family to your new home? Make sure you have checked your tire pressure, engine, and pack an emergency kit just in case.

5) Pack the supplies
Speaking of your own personal vehicle, don’t forget to pack important winter supplies in their too. These items can include gloves and the windshield scraper. Don’t pack these guys in boxes in case you need them on the way. The weather can be unpredictable in the winter.
6) Check your Weather App
Perfect segue to our next tip…watching the weather will be key during a winter move. In the weeks leading up to your move, be checking the forecast for any weather changes or possible winter storms. Be flexible if unforeseen weather comes about on the day of your trip. Always have a back up plan.
7) Keep Some Cocoa on Hand
Or coffee if hot chocolate isn’t your thing. Your family and the movers may be needing something warm to drink during this winter move. Keep something warm on hand to make the move more enjoyable for everyone.
8)Let the Pros Do it
This is the best and safest option during a winter move. A professional will be able to navigate the truck in winter weather and will make your move more seamless then if you were to attempt it yourself.
9)Keep It Clean
Make sure to pack carpet remnants or lay down broken moving boxes as to not track ice and snow into your pretty new home during the move. The last thing you want to worry about is having to clean your brand new home right after you move in.
10) Wrap Your Goods
The winter weather can cause issues when it comes to damaging your possessions. Make sure to protect the items with the potential to be water damaged in stronger shipping supplies.

Moving is stressful, especially in the winter. Fortunately, you can make your move go as seamless as possible by following these 10 tips.

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