How to Market a Product Through Packaging

A smart entrepreneur will sometimes use their product’s packaging as a trick to gain new customers. They would only have to be creative, and they need access to packaging supplies that would give them the best deals. In the 21st century, because of the existence of technologies that allow the creation of these items, many businesses have shifted from using the old packaging style to using a fancier packaging that would leave their customers in amazement.

They wanted they products to become a viral hit, and business people will be investing a lot to make sure that their products will provide a lasting impact to the public. Some of the examples of these newer packaging styles are the following:

  1. An egg carton which uses the picture of a female chicken, giving an optical illusion that it is laying eggs.
  2. A white gum arranged in the same manner as the human teeth, and then it is covered with lips.
  3. A swimwear that is tied to a picture of a woman’s back. When the product is removed, it emulates how women are removing their bathing suits.
  4. A pickup that is printed on a matchbox. When the matchbox is pulled out, it shows that the truck extends in size.
  5. Peaches from China that were given a set of lingerie, to give the optical illusion that these are the tiny back of a woman.
  6. An earphone that is arranged in a manner that will provide the buyers an illusion that it is a note.
  7. A tea bag that is shaped like a goldfish. When the tea bag is dipped in a cup, it will look like a fishbowl.
  8. Waterproof watches that are packed inside a pouch filled with water.
  9. Sugar cubes that are arranged like a jigsaw puzzle.
  10. A box of spaghetti pasta that is arranged like the Empire State Building in New York City.
  11. A stick of parmesan cheese that comes with a sharpener. Applying it as a garnish to dishes would require an individual to sharpen it, just like a pencil.
  12. Tetra packs fruit juices that are packaged using printed fruit skins.
  13. Cupcakes packaged in a small cardboard oven.
  14. Native American teas that are packaged in sachets shaped like a teepee.
  15. A baguette shaped like a gnome’s hat, packed inside a piece of paper that depicts a gnome in it.
  16. Beer can that provides an illusion that is a mix between a factory and lingerie.
  17. A tea that looks like a t-shirt, hanged inside the box.
  18. Body soap packed in plastic containers that are shaped like the human body.
  19. Cookies that are packaged in a cardboard oven.
  20. Paper bags that are printed with a beer case. This gives an illusion that the person carrying the paper bag is carrying a whole case of beer with them.
  21. Toilet papers that are packed to mimic fruits.
  22. Tissue papers that are arranged in a fashion that would make it look like a smoke coming out from a house, a paper coming out from a typewriter, and a waterspout coming out of a whale.
  23. Buns that looked like abs.
  24. Pastas that looked like blonde hair.
  25. Air fresheners which have caps that look like an actual fruit or ice cream.
  26. A sparkling wine that looks like an upside down bouquet.
  27. A grape wine that is packaged inside a container that is shaped like the human heart.
  28. Nails that are packed like a matchbox.
  29. Cookies packed in a can which depicts a bear with a big mouth.
  30. Paintbrushes that looked like human hair.
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