Tips You Should Know: Packaging and Shipping

Have you ever received a gift (or even a package), only to realize that it had shipped broken, wrinkled, or was just trashed beyond recognition? If you are going to be sending an important gift that took forever to pick out for a client, it will be really horrible if that client receives a gift that is just a broken mess. The correct packing and shipping is certainly need for these types of things. So, here are some tips for shipping and packing.

It doesn’t matter if you have been shipping packages for years now, it is always a possibility that you have been packaging the wrong way or not as well as you could have been doing.

Removing Older Shipping Labels

Are you someone who makes use of your older shipping labels. It is a good idea to save money. It is a very frugal and ecologically responsible idea. The real question is going to be: are you someone who removes the old shipping labels or barcodes? You should really try to remember that the older barcodes or addresses that are left on your box are able to make it so that your package is delivered to a location you might not have wanted it to go to. You will notice that this at least causes confusion, and could possibly cause the shipping process to be slowed down. Also, another thing to consider is the fact that old labels make it seem as though you are not someone who cares.

Snagging Free Boxes From Your Shipper

You will find that the most important shippers along with the U.S. postal service are all going to be providing you with free boxing and packaging choices. So, this means that if you are sending a reasonably sized item you might be able to get some free boxes for shipping.

Making Use of The H-Tape Method

This is a method that is a proper way of applying tape to a package. Now, you may be thinking, but that is stupid, or who doesn’t know how to tape a package? However, if you are not in the know on how to tape a package properly you might find that it opens up when you are shipping it, and that could end in damaged or lost items. To use this method simply use the tape along all of the seams that are open at the time that you are sealing it. That’s all there is to it.

The Tape That You Are Using Does Make a Difference

You will find that when you are sealing your packages the tape you use does change the outcome. If you make use of plastic or reinforced paper that has been designed for shipping supplies, the tape should work fine. This means that you are going to have to get tape that is around a min of 60-lbs grade. You may think that normal tape would work just because that’s what you would use when you are moving somewhere, but it takes longer than a couple of hours for an item to reach its destination and that is why it is so important to find the right tape.

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