Avoiding Illegal Movers: Truths About Dishonest Moving Companies

We have all heard it, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Still, we cannot help it when someone presents us with an offer that seems like the deal of the century. It is like hitting the lottery without having to purchase a ticket. The problem is that someone else won the lottery by preying on our naïve or greed intentions.

There are too many dishonest movers in the industry that preys on people who do not know any better. These unethical companies often lure their customers with websites that look legitimate. Potential customers contact them and receive quotes that beat out the competition. Thinking that they have gotten a bargain, they schedule an appointment. When the representative from the moving company shows up at the customer’s home, they load up their furniture and leave. Unfortunately, that is often the last time the customer will ever see their property.

You can protect yourself from this type of unscrupulous activity. Before committing to conducting business with any company, do some research to find out everything you can about the company and their reputation. To help you determine whether a moving company is legitimate here is some information to be aware of about dishonest moving companies.

1: They do not have a business license.

The government has no information on unlicensed companies. Therefore, the government does not monitor them, nor do these companies follow any governmental regulations. Since there is no regulatory oversight, there is little recourse for the customer who hires them.

2: Extremely low prices.

Operating a moving company is expensive. Moving companies must pay for skilled drivers, trucking and fuel expenses, warehouse and storage fees, and taxes. These companies charge the rates that they charge because of the cost of operating a business. If they set their prices too low, it will be impossible for them to remain in business. Therefore, if this one company beat the competition by hundreds of dollars, it should be cause for concern. Companies that outbid their closest competitors by unrealistic margins are not more business savvy. They are most likely thieves.

3: They are uninsured.

Inquire about the company’s insurance options. An unscrupulous moving company may present a flimsy certificate of insurance. Check with the supposed insurance provider to get more information on the coverage. If your property becomes damaged during transit, you will need to be able to file a claim.

4: There is no physical address.

A moving company without a verifiable physical address is not a legitimate moving company. Illegitimate moving companies that don’t maintain a physical address can quickly close their website, disconnect the phone, and leave town. Think about all the equipment, trucks, and shipping supplies that it takes to operate a moving company. If you locate the company in cyberspace, but can’t find a physical location, they probably don’t exist.

Another thing to consider is whether the moving company belongs to any industry organizations, such as the American Moving & Storage Association, it is probably not legitimate. The American Moving & Storage Association requires moving companies to be licensed, have a good reputation, and maintain high standards.

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