Moving Your Beloved Fish to Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time in your life. From picking the perfect size home, the location and any modifications that you may want or need to putting the final signature on your new abode can be mind boggling. Next comes the sorting, the packing and the preparation for the actual move. But what about your pet fish?

There are some very careful steps that should be taken in transporting your pet fish from your current destination to your new home. These include for the actual fish themselves as well as their own home, the tank. Moving for fish can be quite stressful as their aquarium is not just their home but their entire world. By following the list below this will help you with making the transition as smooth as possible for your aquatic friends.

1. Be prepared. Having the necessary supplies for your fish to move is essential. Clean leak proof 5-gallon buckets with lids that you can poke holes in for ventilation are specifically needed for moving the fish. You will also need a water siphon and a fishing net to catch the fish. Shipping supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape will help with the securing of their tank. Do not feed your fish for 24 hours prior to the move, as this will help keep the water in the buckets clean while in transport.

2. Use the siphon to drain water directly from the first tank into a few of the 5-gallon buckets filling them approximately two-thirds full. By only filling them up two-thirds of the way this will help avoid any spill disasters along the way.

3. Count the number of fish that are in your tank. Very carefully gently catch each fish one by one with the fishing net, transferring them from the net to one of the buckets of water. Depending on the the number of fish that you have more than one bucket may be need for this. Use your best judgement, as you don’t want your fish to be overcrowded during the move. After you have transferred all of the fish from the tank to the buckets count them again to make sure that you have the same number of fish that you had when they were in the tank. Put the lids on top of the buckets securely, making sure there are holes in the top of the lids so that the fish can still breathe.

4. Take out all decorations and accessories such as heaters, filters, rocks and plants and dry them off. Wrap these items in bubble wrap and packing paper and pack in a box.

5. Now it’s time to drain the water that is left in the aquarium. As soon as it is empty, wipe the inside down with towels to dry it as much as possible. Wrap the outside with bubble wrap, the air filled protective material with tape, then wrap again with thick moving blankets. It’s always a good idea if possible for two people to move a fish tank. Make sure that the tank remains flat while being transported.

6. Once you have arrived to your new destination it is best for your fish if they are the very first thing to be unpacked. Set up the aquarium first, then move your fish back to their home.

Happy moving!

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