Cardboard Box Creations Anywhere, Anytime

The trend these days is to use what you have and find smart ways to find use for things we use to throw away. Cardboard boxes are a big throw away item, yet they are used frequently in many ways. Whether it’s the big cages filled with them at your local box store, or the products delivered to most companies and homes. Cardboard is plentiful.

Just in your home alone there are undoubtably cardboard boxes around, unless you’ve already sent them to be recycled. There are ways to use those boxes in your home to help organize. With a little craftiness and some simple packaging supplies it will amaze you how these simple ideas won’t need to be hid in the storage area of your home.

Organizination is a big business and some of those cute totes and boxes for your things can actually be quite pricey. Before dropping old clothes to the Goodwill you can actually use some of those great patterns as a cool way of covering your cardboard boxes. Some cutting and sewing will create some really stylish boxes for storing towels, books, or whatever else needs a home.

Now if you’ve ever gone to the craft store and not visited the scrapbook isles your missing out. There are so many different scrapbook papers available that will mock wood grains, designer fabrics, newsprints, and so so much more. All of these papers can be used with a little mod lodge, a superb glue you paint on to stick and over to seal. A little acrylic sealer and you can have any design you want. This is a great option for a room that follows a specific pallet of colors.

While in the craft store you should take a look at getting some black cardstock and a white paint marker. Both of these are great for making fun chalkboard like tags that you could adhere to the front. The options are endless and it’s a lot more fun that just picking out storage at a store and way more personalized.

That good old craft store or your local hardware store will be your best friend while your upcycling your cardboard boxes. If your looking to paint the boxes a good spray paint and a couple coats will give you great coverage. This is a much quicker way than painting with a paint brush. There are also paints that mimic different textures. It’s referred to as faux painting and can be very cool.

Adding handles or hanging ties can allow your creations to hang from walls or just make them easier to pick up. Old belts can be cut up and used for sturdy handles. Just a few binding post screws will hold the handles in place. This will come in handy when it’s something that you move from place to place or that you want to pick up. Children will be able to walk around and pick up their toys easily.

Whatever the box and whatever your making get your boxes and some packaging supplies to help you shape your creation. Then go to town and make it fun. Come up with your own new way or add your personal touch.

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