Master International Packing With These Tips

You are jumping for joy because your organization is transferring you and your family overseas. It’s a big move and you are very excited and overwhelmed about making an international move to a foreign country. There is so much at hand. Of course, you must select a shipping company and shipping supplies, for all your household goods. Certainly, a move to another country is not a simple task. It takes time and lots of planning. First, it is important to take your time. Don’t rush through all the task. Rushing leads to making costly errors in judgement. In addition, make the move a family project.

Get Rid Of Excess Baggage
Now, is the time to trim the fat or get rid of items that you really don’t require at your new location. Dwindling down the number of items that you take with you to your new location is an excellent way to reduce the moving cost. Remember, some countries place restrictions on the items that they allow in the country. For example, animals, weapons, plants. Leave those items behind. Of course, there will be certain items that you probably can’t do without in your new location. For example, personal mementos, family treasures, decorations, furniture, your favorite gadgets, computers, and your entertainment system. Just make sure that there is enough space for those items in your new home.

Shipping AdviceĀ 
Certainly, it is important to separate essential items that you might need on the plane or on arrival to your destination from the big ticket items. In other words, small and essential items should be packed with your luggage. Big ticket items are going to your moving company. Your luggage should contain items like important documents that might include birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, financial documents, credit cards, health records, insurance policies, important electrical gadgets, prescriptions, extra cash, fresh clothing, personal care items, towels, jewelry, kids toys, books to read, games. Here is a word of advice. If you need your big ticket items promptly, ship by air freighter. If time is not an issue, ship by sea freight.

Packing Tips
Of course, some companies might perform all the packing for you. However, you might prefer to pack many of the personal fragile items, clothes, shoes, small electronics, and books. Just make sure that you have an adequate amount of shipping supplies on hand.

  • Fragile Items – Wrap in bubble wrap and place in boxes that are especially made for fragile items
  • Clothing & Shoes – Make sure that you pack your clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the season to avoid having to buy clothing that is in season
  • Small Electronics – Wrap your electronics in bubble wrap and place in a shipping box. Fill the empty spaces in the box with shipping peanuts to avoid damage
  • Books – Place your books in a sturdy box made for shipping
  • Toiletries – Place your toiletries inside of leak proof plastic bags that are sealed inside a plastic container
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