Sensational Crafts Made With Cardboard

The Cardboard Box

Technology always provides new opportunities even though some things remain the same. Cardboard packaging is used for ninety percent of all products shipped within the U.S. These packaging supplies are generally thrown away but there are so many possibilities. A little creativity goes a long way.


Everyone appreciates a handwritten thank you card or cardboard postcard. These are easily contained in the original gift box.

Dinner Circles

The cardboard tube from foil or plastic wrap makes delightful napkin rings. Eight rings only require a quarter yard of fabric. The cloth can be secured using double sided tape or fabric glue.

Contain Your Excitement

Line a cardboard box with some embellishments then use a plastic bag for the lining. Poke a couple holes for drainage to create a lovely plant holder.

Stylish Storage

Use spray adhesive and gold screw bolts to make a trio of storage totes. These will secure the fabric to the cardboard box. An old belt makes a wonderful carrying strap.

Cat Scratch Fever

A scratching post for cats can be made using corrugated cardboard boxes. You can paint the outer rim for more style.


A box from a large appliance makes the perfect maze for kids. Connect the boxes with sturdy plastic clips and cut a doorway into each box.

Coasting Along

Drink coasters are easy with a pair of scissors, decorative duct tape and cardboard. They also make excellent furniture sliders.

Tag, You’re It

Cardboard is a great way to mark things, label containers, bags and boxes or use for gift tags.

In the Weeds

Sturdy cardboard is a natural solution to any issues with weeds. Cardboard can be placed flat over the problem area, watered to keep it in place then covered with mulch or soil for camouflage.

Clever Crafting

Cardboard is a sensational palette for paints. Simply cut out a hole for the thumb to make it easy to hold.

Magazine Files

Cereal boxes are always being thrown in the trash. They make a nice magazine file when cut to the right size and covered in decorative fabric or paper.

Party D├ęcor

A cardboard paper towel roll makes a lovely flower garland. Simply paint the roll, bend it, then glue and string everything together.

Wall Art

A blank canvas costs a lot of money but the top of a shoe box is cheap. Coat the top with primer and white paint. Now it can be used for a canvas and easily decorated.

Bird Feeder

A traditional bird feeder made from pine cones can be a recyclers dream. Construct the base from a cardboard toilet paper roll. Cover this using peanut butter and bird seed. A ribbon or string can be slipped right through it so it can be hung in a tree.

Gift Bags

Take a cardboard cereal box and cut it into the desired shape. Paint it brown and add some decorative accoutrements. This makes a beautiful gift bag to fill with goodies for your guests to take home.

Fabric Picture Mats

There is no need to spend money on plain picture mats from the store. They can easily be customized using fabric. Take a piece of thin cardboard from the backing of a notepad or a cereal box. Cut it to the right size and use Mod Podge and spray adhesive to apply the fabric.

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