Successful Shipping Tips For Home Business

Are you struggling with the proper shipping techniques for your home based business? Stick with me, and I will quickly go over eight successful shipping tips to give that memorable final impression with your customer.

Know Your Shipping Charges
Make sure to take any pictures of the product you are shipping, before listing it for sale. This way you will be able to provide an accurate package and weight dimensions during the listing process.

Packaging Carefully
Be sure that the product is going to arrive at its location safely, by wrapping it correctly. You will want to find a box that is sturdy, as well as the proper size for the item it’s holding. Be sure to include enough packaging material inside the box to secure the piece during shipment. Materials can consist of packing peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, and more!

Shipping Quickly
In this modern age, consumers want their product as soon as they possibly can. By providing a speedy and efficient shipping and handling process, you are going to have happy customers, and we all know that making our customers happy, means they will be a repeat shopper, and that’s what the ultimate goal should be. Achieve this by offering same day or 1 business day handling. Also be sure to inform the customer when their product has shipped. Keep in mind that holding a particular shipping expectation can get you a higher rating during consumer reviews!

Saving Time And Hassle
Save time by utilizing the free package pickup option from the U.S Postal Service. If you’re shipping more valuable items, you’ll want to consider adding shipping insurance to the package seriously. Check with your preferred carrier for their specific insurance options. Don’t forget, you can include the cost of insurance in the items price or the handling cost, but you cannot charge a separate fee for the insurance.

Stock Up On Shipping Supplies

Keep your shipping supplies stockpiled. You can order shipping products from the US Postal Service, or search for supplies from retailers online. Remember to save any extra items that might typically be tossed out. Such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts and lightly used, sturdy cardboard boxes.

Print Your Labels
Utilize your home office by printing your shipping labels. On the final page of your preferred shipping site, there will be an option to print the shipping receipt. Tip: Keep a copy of the shipping label with your customer’s order information for quick reference to the tracking number.

Providing Tracking Information
On any shipping label, there will be a long numerical or alphanumerical tracking number. When informing your customer, their package has shipped, include the shipper and tracking number for their convenience.

Make It Personal
Lastly, Don’t forget to add some personal flair to the shipment. Drop in an invitation to return by giving the consumer a coupon or special that they can only get by shopping online with you. If this isn’t your style, just drop in a business card with a personal thank you for the customers business.

Now that you have the tools you need, you can ship to your customers with confidence! Knowing that your product is arriving at its destination intact will not only give you peace of mind, but it will make your customer very appreciative of the extra time you put in to make their experience a good one!

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