Good Shipping Practices Gives You Repeat Customers

If you have an online business, you will need to know how to ship your parcels properly and what shipping supplies you will need to have on hand. Your packages will need to be packaged according to the rules and regulations in your area.

Learn to have good shipping practices. If you do not, your customers will notice. Customers will also be grateful when you have the knowledge to ship a package properly. Good practices in shipping your parcels the right way will lead to satisfied customers. Word of mouth gets around fast. If you ship packages wrong, it could harm your business. It is a make or break situation in the ecommerce business.

Ship on time

Keep your customers happy. When you get an order in your online store, ship it the same day if possible. Package up your product without delay. Customers will become furious if they see that their package was not shipped in a timely manner. If the customer sees that it took a week to ship and another week for delivery, they might find a quicker business to spend their money with and get better service. Efficiency will give you repeat customers.

Free Shipping

There are many good ways to give your customers some incentives to shop in your online store. Some use coupon codes while other offer free shipping.

In many cases, customers appreciate the free shipping and will end up spending more money in you store. Eliminating shipping cost should not hurt your business, they will be covered by the extra items that your customers will buy. This will increase your profit.

Selling online is all about keeping good repeat customers. Do not try and turn your shipping charges into a profit for your business. People are smart and they will notice the over-charged shipping costs.

Calculate Your Shipping Costs

Research your shipping costs. You could lose money on the wrong shipping habits. Know the details on how you are going to ship items and what the cost will be in advance.

Items should not be floating around in the box. Have different size boxes, plenty of packaging supplies and make your items tight in the box. You may be able to get a discount on your shipping, if you are doing it on a regular basis. Ask your shipping service for the best rates for your business.

Online tools can help you calculate the cost of your packages. USPS, UPS and FedEx all have online calculators. When shipping internationally, use shipping services in that area.

Be Clear on You Shipping Practices

Make sure your customers know how their packages are going to be shipped. Your site should show shipping notification or tracking information. It will help you to keep your customers.


Minimize your risks by insuring all packages that are being shipped. If a package is damaged or lost, the cost of the items will not come out of your pocket if you insure the package. You can insure all packages or just the expensive ones.

International Shipping
There is a greater risk of damage, fraud and uncertainty when shipping international. International shipping can cost more, but it can also open up a larger range of customers.

Ecommerce Shipping Questions to Know

How much will your shipping cost?
Do I want to give customers free shipping?
What packages should I insure?
Is shipping internationally worth the risk?

Answer these questions and you will be ready to ship your packages at a cost that will not break your business.

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