Three Seasonal Shipping Errors and Ways Around Them

Small business owners and e-commerce retailers face great challenges throughout the holiday season. While the holidays are a warm and happy time, business must be taken very seriously, especially where shipping is concerned.

Providing customers with the shipping deadlines they expect is crucial to keeping business flowing successfully. When seasonal gifts are being shipped, a number of problems can arise, and it is especially important to be prepared for these obstacles and finding ways to follow through.

The following is a list of the most common shipping errors during the holidays and the best ways to avoid them all together.

1. Lack of due diligence on forecasting and past trends.

For individuals who have been used to the seasonal sales and shipping process for more than a few years, a system of projections should be in place based on past years. Expectations should not be an issue.
For the new business owners and managers, this is a new undertaking. For those who have no idea what to expect, the holiday season might be frightening. The frequency of orders, the destination of deliveries, and shipping volumes need to be accounted for.
Looking at your busiest period so far and expecting a similar fluctuation or higher will give you a promising idea of what to expect. If certain products you sell are expected to be big sellers for the holidays, you can expect the number of sales to rise
You can also seek assistance from freight service providers to give you an estimate of the holiday shipping season. This will help you determine the best price and transportation choices.

2. Not having an order deadline for shipping

Customers are often very on edge about getting their orders in just in time for the holidays. If your shipping cutoff or deadline is not clearly printed, you are risking losing business.
Having the deadline clearly printed in a graphic on each page of your website will ensure customers know when orders must be placed. Taking extra measures by posting it in a newsletter, on social media, on a blog post, and across the top of your landing page will ensure customers know the deadline.

3. Not studying all shipping options

Often retailers are misled into thinking their options are limited to shipping supplies at a fixed rate. However, there are so many options and it is important to study the various shipping options that will improve sales, cut costs, and satisfy customers. Having the diverse options available at checkout will ensure a better sales experience for both you and your customers.

Sometimes using the dimensions vs. flat rate will work out best, while other products will work best with a flat rate. Study the costs and hire a specialist for this task if needed, but make sure your shipping options are weighed. It will save you and your customers a lot of money and time in the long run.

Hiring an online service provider can guide your sleigh right!
Teaming up with a professional freight service provider can help you manage the details of your shipping services in ways that will save your business a lot of time to allow you to take care of the crucial details and ensure a smooth transition from location to the customer. Make this year prosperous and successful!

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