Ship Securely With A Freight Service Provider

Using a freight service provider for your logistical shipping supplies is very beneficial for the bottom-line of all sized businesses, especially small companies or mom and pop stores. A freight service provider has the tools to connect you with multiple shipping options. Companies benefit from their freight shipping management company because of the following reasons:

Shipping options
Freight service provider services have the knowledge and experience in shipping nationally and internationally. They know how to find the best rates within their carrier network. The service providers will analyze your shipping quantity and type based on your business needs and suggest how best to save you money and how to get your products and supplies to its destination quickly and in one piece.

Customer service
Hiring freight service providers means that you have a dedicated team of shipping professions who understand how important it is to get your products to your clients quickly to boost your customer service modules. Customer service builds trust from your clients to your business and your brand due to on-time deliveries. Keeping loyal customers gives a business a hand-up on its competitors. People want to be treated respectfully and with good customer service supplied by a freight service provider, customers will remember that you understand their needs.

Tracking and Security
Using logistic service providers to ship your freight gives your business advanced tracking technology. They can track your products in real-time, which means that if there are any issues that may arise during transit, your freight service provider knows precisely where, what, how and when. They can quickly resolve any risks that may otherwise arise.

To protect your shipping supplies against theft or damage, it is wise to have the right type of insurance.
Insurance companies generally determine what is the limited liability coverage. But this only covers your supplies up to a minimum amount, determined by a per pound percentage. A company can’t recover the amount that justifies any damage to their product. Choosing the right freight service provider means that you have professionals that knows the right insurance options to help you cover the exact value of your products or supplies.

Reduce Staffing
Using a freight service provider helps to reduce staffing needs and added payroll expense. Freight providers can process thousands of bills of ladings daily at a lower rate than what it costs to work directly with shippers. A freight provider allows a business to concentrate on their top resources at other locations.

TMS Tools
A transportation management system (TMS) is software technology that interacts with a company’s warehouse or distribution system with shippers. The benefits of a TMS includes the following:

• freight costs are lessened
• automated route details and cargo rates
• plans shipping loads and consolidates shipments into loads
• auditing features
• allocates transportation costs
• highlights freight tracking and availability
• guarantees on-time delivery shipments
• integrated web or cloud solutions

Let a freight service provider handle all your small business shipping logistics because they understand how to seamlessly move your freight into your warehouse or center, then onto its destination.

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