How To Send Your Packages Securely

The holidays are fast approaching and there is nothing worse or more embarrassing than to have someone receive your present and it is damaged. But you took all the precautions – you stuffed the boxes full of material that is supposed to protect your gift – what happened? Yes, the postal service could bear some responsibility, but the box was not fully crushed, just dented, yet the contents got broken anyway.

Before you run to the post office to blame them, research different postal delivery rates to get the best price for safe delivery. You can save around 80% of possible shipping costs. Below are the top five packaging supplies to help prevent your shipment from becoming damaged.

1. Use new, double-walled boxes

Using boxes to ship your valuables is at the top of any shipping list. Double-walled boxes are the best because they offer better protection than a standard box. Cardboard boxes stand-up fair when shipped. If you are preparing to ship in a re-used box, make sure that it is still sturdy so that your item remains secure. When using re-used boxes, remove old labels or cover them up with your new labels. Always double check that your shipping address is current and correct.

2. Don’t Ship Expensive Items – if possible!

There are a few precautions and tips to observe when you want your package to arrive safely and securely. Look into insuring your package. Shipping insurance is not expensive, and it gives you peace of mind. If you are shipping expensive items like jewelry or antiques by postal service, find out what the maximum value of items are that you can ship. Also, ask what additional protection is available. Lastly, consider not sending everything at once – divide and ship.

3. Fabric or Cloth is Not a Shipping Protectant

Grandma used attractive fabric or cloth materials as part of her packaging supplies. But that will not work today because they do not provide any type of protection for your shipped items, even if you include bubble wrap as an added protection. Use material that is purposely designed to protect anything you ship so that your contents are not at risk.

4. Protect Your Items with Bubble Wrap

It doesn’t matter whether your shipping parcel is large or small, using bubble wrap as a padding is the epitome of shipping materials. Bubble wrap cushions your items to protect them from moving around and accidentally damaging your valuables. A good tip for shipping a fragile item, is to place it in the centre of your box and not have it touch any of the four sides. Wrap or surround your item with protective material like bubble wrapping. *
* Tip: Follow the packaging instructions by your postal carrier because they will not pay for any damage if you don’t follow their rules precisely!

5. Don’t Use Sellotape As Parcel Tape

Sellotape is good for attaching, joining, mending, and sealing household items or paper-related items. Shipping your valuables abroad or across the country through the parcel post is not the time to seal it with sellotape. Also, lesser price supermarket brand tape will not properly seal your box, no matter who many layers you use. Instead, seal your package with 3M parcel tape and be assured that your package will not get loose.

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