5 Packing Tips for Your Big Move

Getting a new start in a new place is often exciting. What isn’t exciting is all the packing you need to do. You can feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. There aren’t many ways to make packing fun or exciting. But you can make the experience easier and efficient by following these tips.

1. Inventory Your Items
Taking note of your belongings is the best way to track your items. It’s time-consuming task, so put aside a few hours to get the job done. Write everything down in a notebook or use a digital app that helps track inventory. You might want to get friends or family to help, depending on the size of your move.

2. Take What You Need – Get Rid of the Rest
Now is the time to get rid of anything you don’t want or need. Parting ways with your belongings isn’t easy, but having less to pack is a relief.

Are there clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more? Donate them to a homeless shelter, give them to charity, or sell them at a consignment shop. There’s probably other thing to get rid of as well. Shoes you no longer wear, old books, children’s old toys – take an honest inventory of what you can do without.

3. Get the Appropriate Shipping Supplies
Nothing is more frustrating during packing than needing supplies you don’t have. Avoid this by thinking about supplies ahead of time. A few weeks before your move, take a look at your inventory list.

What shipping supplies do you need to safely pack your belongings? You’ll need more than just boxes and tape. Fragile items might require bubble wrap, padded boxes, or foam packing peanuts. If you need to save money, then you can ask local businesses if they have clean cardboard boxes to spare. Friends or family might have boxes as well. Wrapping fragile items in clothes is also an alternative to other padding materials.

4. Start with One Room
It’s less stressful to pack one room at a time. Some people pack everything at once all on the same day. That’s asking for frazzled nerves and a headache. Instead, consider setting aside two or three hours per day to pack a specific room. That will create less mess and keep it contained in one area.

If going one room at a time is too slow for you, then consider asking for help. Ask a friend or family member to pack a different room. A group effort would get the job done faster.

5. Label Boxes with a Permanent Marker
Labeling boxes is more of a way to make unpacking easier. When you reach your destination, you’ll know exactly what each box contains. You’ll know what you want to unpack and what can wait until another day. You also might want to group items on your inventory list before packing. Grouping helps you remember which items should be packed together.

Packing heavy items in smaller boxes is often a good choice. And packing lightweight items in larger boxes is recommended as well. Label each box with the contents and in what room it belongs.

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