A Few Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Packaging supplies

Planning a move involves figuring out how you’re going to pack and move all of your items without too much trouble. Here are some tips that professional movers often give to people who want to make sure their next move will be as worry-free as possible:

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Really Need

If you haven’t moved for a while, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that you may not really need anymore over the years. Before you start packing for your move, you should go through everything you need and eliminate any items that you don’t truly need. Doing so means that you’ll end up with much less stuff to organize, pack, move, then unload and place in your new home.

Go through everything you have, such as clothing, furniture and household goods. Think of items such as a that broken lamp that is held together with duct tape sitting in your basement or clothes that you haven’t worn in years. If they’re not useful for you now, chances are they won’t be when you move to your new home either.

Avoid throwing away items such as furniture that you don’t need but is still in decent shape, clothes you don’t wear anymore or older electronics that still work and someone might find useful. Instead, you can give them away by listing them on a classified ad site like Craigslist or contact a local charity to see if they’ll be interested in taking them.

Make a Trip to the Hardware Store to Get Your Supplies

Hardware stores are a great source for a variety of supplies that will come in handy during your move. This includes not only packaging supplies like tape, but also tools that you might need to disassemble furniture items and then put them back together when you arrive at your new home.

Before you go, make a list of all of the items you’ll think will be necessary. This will ensure that you get everything you need in one trip.

Research Moving Companies Long Before the Date of Your Move

If you’re going to be using a professional moving company to move to your new home, there might be dozens of different companies offering their services in your area, especially if you live in a bigger city. In order to make sure that you choose the one that fits your needs and budget the best, you should do your research long before the data of your move. This will allow you to not only obtain quotes from various companies, but also to check out reviews on various social sites. By looking at what previous customers have to say about them, you’ll get a better idea of their overall reputation.

Mark Boxes Clearly

When you’re packing your items, don’t forget to take a Sharpie and mark each box with a description of its content. This will make unpacking a lot easier once you get to your destination.

Ensure That You Pack Fragile Items Properly

One of the biggest perils of moving is fragile belongings that get damaged during the loading, transportation and unloading process. This is why you should pay special attention when packing fragile items to ensure that they’re adequately protected against damage. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts and blankets can come in very handy here.

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