8 Ways To Reduce Your Cost Of Shipping

Saving on shipping is something that every brand that sells products tries to do. Shipping costs can sometimes exceed the cost of the product itself, which can demotivate your customers from buying your products. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can save on shipping so that your customers can receive their packages in time without spending absurd amounts for it to reach them.

  1. Choose Different Carriers

One of the best ways to save money on shipping is by using different carrier companies for various products, Generally, each carrier will have competitive prices, which mostly depends on the weight of the product. Some carriers offer better deals on smaller products while some offer better deals on heavy or large products. Diversifying your options is one of the best ways to ensure that you always get a good deal.

  1. Use Reputed Carriers

A lot of times, carriers tend to be careless and misplaced products. Reputed companies usually have things in place to ensure that your package that you send does not get lost or ruined by the time it reaches the customer. Check reviews online before going in for a service and see if customers have had any bad experiences with them or not.

  1. Negotiate Your Way Through

Sometimes, carrier companies tend to enter into deals with companies and brands that want to send a lot of products through their services. If you have to send your customers their products on a regular basis through one carrier, communicate that with the company and they will most likely give you a deal as an incentive to stick with them, thus reducing the amount you spend on shipping.

  1. Reuse, Recycle

Often, the charges that one needs to pay on packaging materials add up to a lot. Small business owners often face this kind of problems and so one of the best ways to save on packaging is to reuse the packaging that comes with your raw materials and other delivered items. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap and boxes are often reusable, and should be done to save up on packaging expenses.

  1. Join A Professional Seller’s Organization

Big carrier companies tend to offer discounts for people who are part of associations for business owners and entrepreneurs. Join one of these organizations and avail of the discounts that you can get on your packaging and shipping.

  1. Box It Right

Choosing the right box for your product is a good way to save on packaging and shipping supplies. Businesses tend to spend too much by selecting boxes that are too big and unneeded for the particular product, which should be avoided.

  1. Use Shipwire

Services like Shipwire are some of the best when it comes to determining what carrier company to go in for. It is an addon that lets you see the most efficient shipping options for your particular product, and shows you how much you would usually pay for shipping for that particular service.

  1. Opt For USPS

USPS stands for the United States Postal Service and is one of the cheapest options for shipping when it comes to sending items within the United States. This, however, takes a lot longer than most commercial shipping companies and therefore can only be done if your customers are alright with waiting for a while for their products.

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