Make the Right Move

If you are planning on moving from one house to another, chances are you will need packaging supplies. Moving from a home wholesale is big work, even for someone who does not possess a lot of items. After all, unless some things are going to be thrown away, everything will have to be packaged properly and efficiently to be able to transport it.

Before deciding on packaging, the first thing that needs to be done is to decide what exactly is staying and what will be going. This may require multiple walks around with a note pad. Once all things that are going have been listed, then it will be time to start making lists according to size and weight. This will be the most important determining factor when deciding what kind of packaging will be required. If there are any fragile items, then they will need their own packaging material.

The most common packaging material are boxes. The good news is that getting your hands on them is relatively easy. There are many ways to get them and one of the most popular ways to get your hands on some will be to ask the store you regularly visit. Furniture stores is a great place for boxes too, especially the big kind. Usually, they will be more than happy to part with a bunch of them, for free! Sometimes friends are also a good source for used boxes. Boxes come in many different sizes but the most common ones are the corrugated boxes. Even if you have to purchase a few they tend to be cheap, and they come in several different sizes.

When doing the packaging, try to put the same type of item in each box as much as possible. For example, a box used to transport books should be only or mostly contain books. This way, the space within the box can be used at maximum efficiency. If fragile material is being shipped, then bubble wrap and packing peanuts will be needed. Tape will also be needed, and it is always best to go with good quality tape. You do not want something that will break, especially when transporting fragile things.

Some people like packing according to each room. So, for example, pack the living room stuff and keep them together, then bedroom items and so on and so forth. This will make keeping track of things a lot more efficient and less time-consuming. If a rented truck is being used, plan carefully what is going on the truck. As with packing the boxes, the truck also needs to be filled properly to maximize efficiency.

Then there is the matter of the new place you are moving into. All the things you own may fit well in the present house, but that won’t necessarily be the case in the new place. If possible, take a look at the new place and figure out where things will go. If there are any doubts about things not fitting where they are supposed to, then putting them in temporary storage will need to be considered.

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