Packaging Supplies – Overview

Shipping a package takes extra care to ensure it reaches the destination without any issues, especially if it contains items that could be damaged in shipping. This applies whether it is a company shipping an item or a person using a shipping service or the postal mail. The good thing is there are many items that can be used to protect the items inside of a packing box.

Then there are Packaging Supplies that are used when moving to protect household items that may be broken in transport. Some packing materials for packages can be used, but in other cases, it takes extra care. Then there are special items whether shipping or moving that will require special packing material to ensure it is safe and to avoid damage from the material used.

The materials made to pack items whether household moving or sending a gift to someone include:

• Air Bubble Wrap: This is a clear plastic that is a double sheet with pockets of air in circular bubbles. It can protect glass and other items during shipping to avoid breakage and keep the surface safe from scratches. This is a material that is good for odd shaped items since it can be wrapped in any shape.
• Polyethylene Foam: This is a thin foam type of packaging material that can be used for both moving and sending packages. It can be used to absorb shock between dishes and other breakables in household moving and to wrap breakable items or flat items such as a computer monitor for shipping.
• Air Pillows: These are pillows made of thin plastic wrap filled with air to insulate the item and fill space within the packing box. It can be used to secure items wrapped with bubble wrap and polyethylene foam sheets.
• Styrofoam Peanuts: These are a peanut shaped foam that can be used to fill the empty spaces in boxes to absorb shock during transport and to keep objects in the packing box from moving around.
• Styrofoam Sheets: Sheets of foam are often used to line a packing box to keep the items inside safe and can be used directly on flat objects to keep them safe from breaking.
• Acid-Free Archival Paper: This is a type of tissue paper, which is acid-free and used for packing artwork and pictures since other types of Packaging Supplies could cause damage to these items. After the acid-free paper is used then bubble wrap or polyethylene foam sheets can be used for added protection. Large artwork or pictures sheets of Styrofoam sheets may provide more added protection.

These items cover packing boxes to keep the contents secure and the different uses. They can be purchased locally or on the internet at a variety of online stores and are essential whether the package is being shipped or it will be transported during a move. The other thing that will be necessary is packing tape to secure the packing supplies that are used to protect the contents of the package. Whether using polyethylene foam sheets or bubble wrap it will need to be secured around the objects being packed to keep the material in place. The only exception is when moving a household and using polyethylene foam sheets between dishes, each dish will not need the sheet secured if piling the next dish on top. The other hint for packing is to place protective peanuts, airbags or bubble wrap on the bottom of the box prior to placing the items in the box.

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