How to Pack Like You Know It

Knowing how and why to pack are essential ingredients that must always accompany your plans during packing. Before having an idea of putting something inside your suitcase, you need to look out for the weather and if possible predict your destination weather pattern. The prediction will give you an idea about the kind of clothes you will need to pack and any space for your shipping supplies. When you set off to a tropical destination, you will anticipate a hot and a sunny atmosphere which calls for simple dresses, while warmer attire will suit you for your nights there.

Make a list of Items
Making a list requires a proper plan with your destined place in mind while sorting out whatever you need to wear for all your days there. You need to factor in pieces that are mix and match alongside other extra pairs of undergarments or even extra pair socks whenever you need. After sorting out these pieces, you can write them down on a book (preferably) and then commit to ticking each item as you place inside your suitcase. As a point of concern, you also need to set aside an extra set of clothing items just in case your luggage gets misplaced; you can always find a solution.

Pack from Bottoms Coming Up
Shoes and other bulky items such handbags should be positioned the very bottom. In case you are carrying a piece, make sure that your heaviest bits are placed next to the hinge just next to the lid. For a luggage piece that is on the wheel, ensure that the big pieces are at the bottom and always above the wheels. After placing the heavy bits, you can use the spaces between them to pack your items such as undergarments, bathing suits, and socks.

Fold Them Up
It is always a misleading idea that when you roll your clothes, they can always fit into your suitcase. In the real sense, items that get folded nicely can fit the luggage and maximize the available space. Therefore, you need to preserve the first layer on top of the shoes for the thick fabrics such as woolen garments, khakis, sweaters, and others. As you are packing these items, leave a gap at the center of the suitcase for later use. If there are any spaces around the edges, you can use them for items such as an extra storybook or even your hairbrush

Your care products
Personal products and your other fragile items must be placed in some padded case. For this case, you can keep it at the center of the luggage where they are safe from spillage around the suitcase. In case you are flying, you need place liquids in a tightly packed container and in clear bag that is visible for inspection.

The Upper Layer
The upper layer requires minimal luggage due to weight issues. In this case, you can consider delicate and light fabrics like linen, silk or even cotton. Additionally, if you have more fragile items such as silky blouses or shirts, you can wrap them in a tissue paper and place them between the sturdy clothing to ensure they are safe from damage.

Final Thought
You need to carry your list of items as it will be helpful when unpacking your shipping supplies and even packing once your traveling days are over.

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