A Step By Step Process To Help You Locate Affordable Movers

Step #1, Start Searching For A Mover As Soon As You Can

Affordable and high quality moving companies are often booked in advance. In order to book them for yourself, you should begin your search for a moving company as early as possible. Even if you cannot book a high quality and affordable moving company, you can still qualify for early booking discounts from other movers.

Starting your search early will also give you more choice. As you approach your moving date, some moving companies may be booked and unavailable. So start in advance, to get a possible discount and have more choice.

Step #2, Ask Your Friends, Family And Colleagues For A Recommendation

One of the best ways to know whether a moving company provides good service at a low price is by asking people you know. You will be surprised by how many people use moving services. Ask questions about the quality, price and professionalism. Personal recommendations are a very accurate way to find out what the service and price of a company really is.

Step #3, Look At Online Reviews

If you cannot find anyone with a recommendation for a moving company or want some additional feedback, then look at online reviews. Look at multiple customer reviews and scrutinize them carefully. Do not just look at one review and think that it reflects on the company a whole. You should also look at moving review sites. Examples include MyMovingReviews and the general review site, Yelp. You can also look at the Better Business Bureau score to get a feel for how good and reliable the company is.

Step #4, Get A Moving Estimate Done For Your Home

Over the phone or over the email estimates are notorious for being wrong and way of the mark. They are more of an approximation than a real estimate. If you want to get a real idea of how much a move will cost you, then get an estimate done. The benefits to getting an estimate done for your home is that the price will be much more accurate since the movers will actually see what needs to be moved. They will also calculate additional expenses such such as packaging supplies you may need. Another benefit to getting an estimate is that the price they quote you should not change dramatically if you do decide to use their service and buy packaging supplies from them.

Step #5, Comparison Shopping Applies To Movers As Well

As when you are purchasing any product or service, shop around and compare prices. Compare the different quotes or estimates you have got. Select the lowest ones or the ones that best fit your budget and needs. Then confirm and decide which one you will go with. Don’t just choose the first mover you come across. Comparison shop and you will save big.

Step #6, Look For Government Licensing And Association Membership

Movers that transport items across state lines or from one state to another need to have a USDOT (United State Department of Transportation) license. If you are moving to another state, make sure you have a mover with this kind of licensing. Most quality movers are also a member of the American Storage and Moving Association. While it is not mandatory to be a member of the association, it is a sign that the moving company is legit and meets certain minimum standards.

Step #7, Negotiate Your Way To A Lower Price

You can always try bargaining around with moving companies in an attempt to get them to lower their price. If you want to use one company, but their price is higher than another company, let them know of a competitor offering a lower price. If you have a budget that you cannot go over, then ask them if they are willing to knock their price down in order to gain your business.

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