How to Ship Delight-Provoking Packages

When shipping items, you want to ensure that your package invokes a great feeling when received by the recipient; however, in order to do so, they must be packaged properly. And while this may seem simple to do, there are a few set rules or guidelines that must be followed when shipping your items in order to guarantee a pleasant arrival.

Select the Right Package

Presentation is key when it comes to creating an appreciable out-of-box experience for the receiver. Therefore, begin by selecting a presentable package for your items.

Secondly, when shipping packages, rather via shipping boxes or envelope, it is important to ensure they have enough breathing room in order to withstand the vigor of being hauled and delivered. Therefore, select a package that provides adequate space in addition to an appropriate filler to cushion the item and fill the void.

Select a Filler

Packing Paper

Packing paper is the simplest yet sufficient way to secure lighter items and provides a far more attractive choice than newspaper. It is also reusable. Just be sure when selecting a paper that it is sturdy enough to withstand vigorous handling, so that it won’t compress during the shipping process.

To cushion your package, simply crinkle a sheet of paper and then place it into the package to fill the space.

Bubble Roll

Bubble roll provides superior cushion protection, and it is light, easy, and reusable.
It also features user-specific features, such as anti-static and self-cling properties, and more.

However, since bubble roll does not conform to shapes, it can permit items to move around during shipping. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to tape around the item in order to create a more snug-fitting package. It is also important to note that once the bubbles erupt, it no longer provides sufficient padding for the package.


Peanuts, or popcorn, are a light cushion product that provides yet another sufficient way to fill voids in your package. However, this material can be a bit messy and have high static electricity. They are also sometimes challenging to reuse, store, and dispose of.

Packing Items That Require a Greater Level of Protection

Heavy Items

Heavy items, such as books, furniture, and some art can move around during shipping, so securing them is important to preventing injury to the item or the handler.

When packing heavier items, fill the space to the top to prevent mobility, and use stretch wrap and cover-up sheets to safeguard furniture from marks. Furthermore, investing in more costly heavy-duty shipping boxes and packing tape will help make sure the bottom remains in place.


When packing delicate items, it is important to include an added layer of protection, such as bubble roll or popcorn to fill the space. You should also place a fragile sticker on the outside of the package to help ensure it remains damage-free.

When packing more than one item, secure them separately and then hold them together using stretch wrap so they’re not lost in the fill.


Using a mailing tube, cardboard envelope, or padded envelope to mail your legal documents helps ensure they remain crisp and damage-free while in transit. You may also consider purchasing insurance for high-value documents.

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