Plan Your Move So Your Personal Belongings and Treasures Will Move Safely

If you are planning a move, large or small, near or far, PLAN YOUR MOVE. The safety of your belongings is all in the planning and care you provide.

The idea of planning your move is organization. Only pack items you want to keep and need for your new residence.

Things to consider:

  • Rule of Thumb – Smaller boxes are good for heavier items such as books and magazines, dishes, utensils, and glassware. Books should be packed in small boxes because of the weight books create.
  • Lighter items can be stored in larger boxes.
  • Towels and blankets are terrific for protecting lamps, lining boxes that will contain breakables such as dishes, crystal, and other fragile articles after properly bubble wrapping individual items.
  • Weighted items should be packed at the bottom of a box for weight support. Don’t make a box top heavy, so that it tips over during the move crushing other boxes.
  • Secure bottom of each box with tape before you begin to pack items in it.
  • Properly mark the box for ROOM, CONTENT, and COLOR CODING, if organizing by room.
  • Try not to leave empty areas in the box. Items tend to move around when too much room is left vacant in a box.
  • Seal each box with tape to secure the contents. Wrap tape around the box for added protection, ensuring the shape of the box and protecting it from stress damage during the move.
  • Color Code the boxes by room using colored sticky dots colored felt tip pens, etc. i.e. Blue – Bedroom 1, Gray – Bedroom 2, Pink – Bathroom, Yellow – Kitchen, Purple – Living Room, White – Linen Closet, and so forth.
  • On a cross-country move, I once created an Excel spreadsheet by room, by box number. It was easy to find any item we needed when we arrived at our new home. The movers had placed the color coded boxes in the appropriate area, and I had printed the spreadsheets out by room and box number. That was my easiest move ever.
  • Organized moves are key to a successful hassle-free move and ease of unpacking your belongings and treasures.
  • Secure your containers with adequate tape to protect them from damage. Not only sealing the boxes with tape, but wrapping tape around the box to ensure the shape of the box is maintained and avoid breakdown of a box from the weight of other containers.

Planning a long distance move? Additional care needs to be considered. Although breakables must be wrapped and protected for any move distance, cross country moves require further attention and consideration.

Purchasing Cheap Moving Boxes and Materials:

  • Cheap Moving Boxes ensure the boxes and wrapping materials you buy to protect your breakables are made of quality material. The quality of box must support other boxes placed on top and around the container while traveling in a truck or vehicle.
  • The protective wrapping you choose to wrap breakables should not a thin exterior covering. Not everyone handling your move will care as much as you do about your belongings, and accidents do happen.
  • Ordering your packaging materials online can save a considerable amount of money. Look for quantity purchases and remember more tape is always advisable rather than not enough tape.

If you cherish your personal belongings, take extra care in planning and successfully packing your items. You’ll enjoy the beauty of your items if take a few extra minutes to organize for the future and safety of your belongings.

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