Making goods feel comfortable

Shipping goods have become a huge industry in the last decade and there are more than ever different options for the consumer. Whether it is truck, air or rail shipping if fragile goods are being shipped it will need packaging supplies. Over the years there have been several options. Nowadays there is an alternative that makes sense for several reasons and it is called foam packaging. Foam, in its raw form, is a widely-used substance. From car seats to the living room sofa, foam is present in our daily lives. Therefore, it is not only humans that find foam comfortable, but objects also. The following is a list of reasons why foam packaging is the best option for shipping.

Foam packaging is re-usable. Yes, foam packaging can be used again and again, automatically making it one of the most environmentally friendly shipping products. Not only that, the way this product is manufactured is not toxic for the atmosphere. Alternative packaging materials such as Styrofoam is not only highly toxic to use but to manufacture also.

The next reason why foam packaging is a good product is simplicity and ease of use. Anyone can learn how to use it properly. This product is also highly malleable, which is what makes it so versatile. This means it can take whatever form to suit the shape of the goods being shipped! In fact, this is perhaps one of the first, inexpensive products capable of doing so. No longer do people have to worry about broken padding and broken contents.
All things that get shipped obviously do not have the same weight. This means that packaging supplies cannot have the same thickness or density. Objects that are heavier and have sharp edges need packaging that can handle them. Again, this is where foam packaging makes the most sense. Foam can be made to different densities and thickness. This is very important to consider and can mean the difference between having broken or intact goods in the mail.
Foam density is measured by the weight it can handle. Therefore, a high-density foam can handle 1.8 lbs per cubic foot. This type of foam would be ideal for sharp and objects that are on the heavy side. There is foam packaging material capable of 8lbs per cubic foot! However, these are more used for very heavy objects.
If goods that are sensitive to humidity is being shipped, ask for hydrophobic foam. It is not waterproof, but it will do an excellent job of keeping humid air from ruining whatever it is being shipped. Paintings and similar artwork would be an example of products that would find hydrophobic foam useful.
Foam has incredible compression capability. This means it takes only very little space for it to be stored. This kind of capability is called liquid volume, and it can be measured. Foam can expand as much as 270 times its liquid volume. Put simply, one cubic foot of compressed foam, will expand to 270 cubic ft!
From all of this, it is very clear that foam is the one stop solution for all packaging supplies. The sheer versatility,low expense, and ease of use are unbeatable.

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