Preparing For Moving Day

Moving to a new home across the country or in the same neighborhood can be challenging and stressful. You never know where to start or how to start. I t just seems like a big chaotic mess. With the proper packaging supplies it doesn’t have to be chaotic, stressful, or challenging. The basic supplies that you will need are: a clipboard, packing labels, packing paper, bubble wrap, and moving plastic wrap.

Lets start with the packing labels, these are going to help organize the boxes. When it is time to move you will know what is in the boxes/container and where they go when it gets to its new destination. Put a label on the box and write on the label what section of the house it goes in and what is in it. That way all you have to do is put the container in the right section of the new house.

The clipboard is also an efficient supply to have. They packing labels that you put on you boxes are now going to be recorded on the clipboard. The list will have the same thing as the labels on the boxes have, what is in the box, and what part of the house it goes in, this way when everything gets in your new place you will know what is missing or if it has been moved to a different part of the new house. The clipboard is also going to hold other documents that are part of the move.

Packing paper is a total necessity to have. This material is going to be used as a pillow and a wrap. Think of it as wrapping presents. Individually wrap your plates and saucers. Glasses, cups, and bowls stuff them and then individually wrap. Stuff all the holes and cracks of the container once it is filled, so the dishes are not sliding into one another and break.
Bubble wrap is another amazing packing supply that is a must to have. Bubble wrap is used for other delicates and breakables. Some these items for example are: knickknacks, trophies, the family china, things that can break or be damaged when moving. The bubble part of the bubble wrap serves as a cushion. Just like the dishes individually wrap your items. If you want you can also choose to stuff the cracks and holes with the packing paper. For bigger items such as lamps and floor mirrors double wrap it, for precautionary measures of not getting broke during the move.
The last item on the list is the moving plastic wrap. This very thick plastic that is going to go around your furniture. The plastic is going to protect your furniture from the weather, dirt, and debris. You can also use the plastic wrap, to wrap around the legs of your furniture to protect them from damage.
The packaging supplies are going to aid and simplify your move. So if you plan on moving remember these five packaging supplies to make the move less stressful. Also the bubble wrap after you have moved is good to keep the kids entertained or just to pop for yourself.

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