Five Promotional Box Design Tips for Your Product

When creating a custom made box design for your product, you need to think like a consumer. You also need the design to be eye-catching to the consumer. We realize making a design decision can be difficult. So, we would like to offer you five great tips to help you with your design.

1) Don’t rush your decision take your time.

It never is good to create anything quickly and without thought. In fact, by doing so, you may even make your design look unprofessionally or unattractive to the consumer. Instead, our advice to you is to take the time to think things through thoroughly until you have defined your product design in detail. Taking your time can only be applied when the company the design is for allows adequate time to do so.

2) Less is more

If you place too much on your box design, it may take away from the actual statement that you are trying to present to the consumer. Remember, the goal is to stand out on the shelf, so there is no need for the extra content. In fact, the majority of box designs that thrive only have simple layout designs. The best way to get a statement or point across is by using the unspoken words. In other words, keep graphics and pictures to a bare minimum. However, we are not implying that your design should be uninviting.

3) Be sure that your box design is balanced.

When creating a design for your box keep pictures dominant, use good color contrast, and text to make your point stand out. Ask someone to look at your design; they may have a few more ideas that will enhance your design even better. Remember, there insight and view of your design will be different than yours, but we urge you to take their ideas to heart and try them.

4) The box size matters

Always keep the product’s design in mind as well as the shipping supplies when choosing the size of your box. If you’re creating a box for many different products for the same company, you will want to be sure that each product can fit adequately in the box. For instance, if the product requires a tight fit, so it doesn’t break, choose a box that will be snug enough to protect the product. It is recommended to leave approximately 1/16″ around your shipping supplies.

5) The thickness of the box matters

You not only should have the right size of a box but you also should take into account of the depth of the box design. Keep in mind, when transporting shipping supplies, it is possible that the shipping well-designed box could shift not only causing damage to the box as well as the product. With that said, if the box is not made thick and strong enough to handle the shipping process, the product could become broken. Naturally, a consumer doesn’t wish to receive damaged products due to the box not being thick and secure enough.

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