Off Easy To Make Candy Boxes and More Chocolate Truffles

Let’s face it; we always have way too many candy recipes to try out and not too many options when it comes to presentation. Well, going the DIY way gives us more personalized results, and you get to express yourself better. There is more to candy goodness than just savoring the delicious, chocolaty yummy goodness. The packaging candy boxes can quickly make you tip the scales on how fast your loved ones will munch through the divine delicacies. So, here is an easy, fun way to make candy boxes.

Easy and Fun Steps to a Customized Candy Box

To make the ideal box, you first need to know the size of the box that suits your needs. Then judging by the weight of the contents, determine the appropriate quality of paper. The following instructions will help you make a 3*3 inch box. The patterns on the paper can be printed using clip art, print templates or leftover Christmas decorations. Here is how you can add sizzle to your Christmas or Valentines gifts using the following items

  • A 5*5 inch paper for the top cover
  • A 5 7/8 by 57/8 inch paper for the base
  • Paper pads, or scrapbook paper, or card stock
  • A pair of scissors
  • Ruler or scoring board
  • Double sided clear tape
  • Paper glue

Step-By-Step Guide –Cover

On a flat table surface, spread the 5*5 inch paper. Using your ruler or scoring board measure out the dimensions and score the creases at the ½ and 1-inch mark. Repeat the scoring on all four sides.

  1. For neater folds, you will have to shape the paper into a square. To achieve the square shape, cut an L shape from each of the four corners.
  2. Make Tabs; this helps in making the lid stable, by cutting along the folds
  3. Fold all the tabs to the inside of the tabs while also folding along the creases you’ve done.
  4. On each tab apply glue on the printed side of paper and glue downwards. Avoid liquid glue if possible since it causes the paper to warp and leaves unsightly smudge stains. Double-sided tape can also be used to substitute the paper glue.
  5. Finally, glue the last tabs and fold them down.

For The Base

  1. On the 5 7/8 by 5 7/8 paper score at the 1.5-inch mark and cut out the tabs
  2. As with the lid, fold the tabs on the inside of the base and always fold along the creases
  3. Finish off by using your paper glue and applying it on the back of each tab while sticking it down
  4. The tabs help to give the box an upright posture, strengthening the sides and reinforcing either the lid or base

Candy boxes need not be square only, but triangle or circle boxes are can also do. Use different colors to give the boxes more appeal. To avoid staining the box for other purposes, line it with serviettes or use cupcake sleeves to place the goodies on them. Using this cupcake paper, gingerly place the chocolate truffle, coffee chocolate truffles, peanut butter cups, etc. or whatever storm you whipped up in the kitchen. Add a printed name on top of the box to give the recipient a unique feeling fond of the gesture.

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