Moving your paintings

Moving can be very stressful and tedious especially when you have a lot of fragile items to pack. The most stressful things to pack are paintings especially if they have a glass frame. It is important to transport your paintings to your new home with the utmost care. You can do this with the appropriate shipping supplies and the proper precautionary steps.
These steps are:

Step 1: Remove your paintings from the wall and place them on a flat, stable surface. This will ensure that the paintings will not fall over and break.

Step 2: Take masking tape and make an X from corner to corner on the glass of the painting. This is a precautionary step in case the glass breaks, it will prevent the glass from shattering.

Step 3: Cut out a piece of cardboard to snugly fit into the picture frame. Then put the cardboard in the picture frame. This is designed to reduce friction between the glass and bubble wrap.

Step 4: Take the painting and wrap it in a think layer of bubble wrap. It is important to secure the edges of the bubble wrap with tape to ensure the bubble wrap does not come unwrapped.

Step 5: Find boxes that are an appropriate size for your painting. You want to find boxes that are lager than your painting, to account for the shipping supplies.

Step 6: Place the paintings in the box one at a time. You want one painting per box. If there is any additional space, fill it with newspaper. It will add additional cushion to protect the painting.

Step 7: Gently move the box from side to side. If you can feel the painting move, then it is not protected. Add more newspaper to both sides of the painting for additional protection.

Step 8: Close the box and tape it shut. This will prevent the painting from slipping out of the box. Additionally, it is a good idea to reinforce the sides of the box with tape, so they do not rip during transit.

Step 9: Write “Fragile” on all sides of the boxes. This will inform the movers or your friends, that the contents of the boxes are breakable and need to be handled with care.

Step 10: Use telescopic boxes. This step only applies if you have a large painting that does not fit into any of your boxes. A telescopic box is two boxes that fit together to form one large box. These boxes can be found at any major packing and shipping stores.

By following these ten different steps, it will ensure that your paintings will make it from point A to point B safely. If you are having any doubts that your paintings will not travel successfully, always add more newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion your pictures. Additionally, always make sure to hire a moving company with good reviews that will take good care of belongings, or make sure your friends know you have breakable items and to always be careful.

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