Packing For The Right Product

At some point, everything you own was in some sort of packing material. Every item requires special packaging to make sure it gets shipped and arrives at its destination safely. You can find boxes, wraps, and containers in many different shapes and sizes when looking at packaging supplies.

Most commonly used is cardboard boxes. If you have ever worked retail, you will know how popular these boxes are. They are good for bulk items such as cereal, milk, juice, and other items that come to stores. They are also used when you order products online directly to your home because it is a lighter and durable material.

Thermoformed is a customized container made to take the shape of the item or items it will hold. Places receive these with smaller items in it such as votive candles, small toys, small jewelry pieces, or other small items. Each smaller item sits in its own seat or blister inside of the package so they don’t roll around or get mixed up. You will also use this type of package for food such as salads you order in fast food restaurants. These containers are usually functioning like a clam shell with one side that has a spine and the other side that lifts up to open.

Foam packaging is usually used inside of another packaging as a padding to keep more delicate, fragile products safe during the trip. It is very customize-able so it can fit snug against the item which will prevent it from rolling around or sliding and braking itself. You are likely to find or use foam packaging with glass items, furniture, or another piece. Foam is good for preventing harsh impact if something hits the item and saves it from getting scratches as well.

Film packaging has multiple uses. It can come in the form of bubble wrap, tubes, or shrink wraps. It is very flexible and can be used to protect the items or just keep them contained. Stretch film is also used to keep products together, as well as bags.

Textile packaging is very custom made. It is made specifically for one product to completely secure it during transport to the next location. Commonly used for vehicle parts, once packaged they go into a metal container. This is a very secure way to package large objects that need to get to the destination without any damage.

Plastic is another commonly used packaging material. It is used to transport clothes so if they fall they won’t get dirty, it helps keep dust and bugs out, and if treated carefully it can be reused for something else. It is very light for transport and will also keep the item dry.

Finally, bulk drums are just what the name implies. It is a secure container that can handle a large amount of product such as clothing or produce. It is good for transporting large orders of a single product so you don’t get many boxes. This packing method is used by big industries.

When looking for the best packaging supplies, think of what the product is and how fragile or how many you will be sending. Some methods are better for bulk items and others are better for keeping breakable items safe.

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