Choosing the Right Co-Packer for Your Business

There are many things to consider when looking for a co-packing partner. It is important to find one that is close by, has the proper facilities, and is capable of meeting your needs as your business grows. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right co-packing partner.

Assess Your Companies Needs

The first step is assessing your needs and finding a co-packer that fits these needs. If you need a partner to help you find the supplies you need, store your products in a warehouse, and distribute your goods, you need to find a co-packer that can handle all of this for you. If you have your own sales and marketing department, you will not need a company to do these things for you.

Research a Companies History and Reputation

Research a co-packer’s history and reputation thoroughly. Find out just how long they have been in business and check for reviews that evaluate their expertise. Talk to other business owners with similar needs and see who they have been working with.

Look for Proper Quality Control and Product Inspections

Look into what safety and quality programs they have set up. Quality control and product inspections should take place regularly. They should also have a solid set of safety procedures set up for employees. If the company is not dedicated to both safety and quality, you should probably consider continuing your search.
Up to Date Certifications

These companies should also have all certifications needed to handle your products. If a company is current on there certifications, that proves that they have taken the proper steps toward creating dependable quality-control and have responsible attitudes with team members.

Tour the Co-Packer’s Facilities

When you have found a company you believe may be a good match for your business, ask to take a tour of the facilities. This is the best way to make sure that a co-packer has the right equipment available for the best results. Walk through the entire process and see how the products are handled. Things to watch for are proper allergen management and cleanliness. Check to see if the storage is in proper order and the environment is at the correct temperature.

Open Lines of Communication

Make sure that the co-packer is easily able to communicate with you in case any problems arise during any phase of production, storage, or distribution. Open lines of communication are extremely important when it comes to this type of business.

Review Customer Referrals

Prior to making a commitment with a co-packer, as for customer referrals. Contact other clients they work with and ask them what kind of experience they have had with the co-packer. Finding a referral from a company that has similar needs will help you see the possible future you may have with this company. Make sure to find out if the company has had any problems when it comes to communicating or finding resolutions to issues.

Your decision should be backed by as much information as you can collect. Make sure that you are confident that you are choosing the right co-packer who will be a committed partner, helping you to develop and grow your business.

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