What To Ship, OR Not Ship, When Making A Move From College

Congratulations, you did it. You graduated from college. Now it’s time for you to pack up your stuff and move onto the next phase of your life. But, now you need to make the many decisions of what you should or shouldn’t take. After all, this is a new chapter in your life, so does that mean that you just break down and buy all new things? Even though yours broke is they come. Or, can you take a majority of your items with you, and replace them over time? All of these questions can be answered pretty simply. And in this article, we will address these types of questions and give you tips on how to best prepare for your move from college to your new job.

First let’s talk furniture. Moving furniture can be costly, but buying all new furniture can be even more so. And since you’re just a broke college kid and probably have many student loans to pay off, you may want to consider keeping as much of your old furniture as you can. Or at the very least a few of the basic items so you are not thrown back to summer camp of ‘06 where you were camping out with just a sleeping bag and a pillow. So, when packing for your move, try to take these basic items with you: a bed frame, a mattress, a dresser of some kind, and a nightstand. If you have these items, they can get you through until you have the money to buy a brand-new bedroom set.

The next thing you want to be aware of is that actual shipping part of moving. Whether you’re going to be renting a truck yourself, or using a moving company, it’s important to be aware of the costs that are involved. For instance, if you’re going to try a DIY move, then you’ll want to figure out the size of truck that you will need to transport all of your items. Contact a couple different rental truck companies, to find the best price. And take pictures of all of your items to show them so they can help you choose the proper size. Just remember, that there will also be other expenses that you incur during your move such as tolls, gas, hotels (if you have to spend the night), and food.

If you choose to use a moving company, it may be a little bit more expensive, but you are free of the liability from driving the truck. And you don’t have to worry about the hefty gas prices that can come from driving a moving truck. If you decide to go with the moving company, again do your due diligence and find a reputable company that you can trust to properly handle your items.

Once you’ve decided the type of method you’re going to use to actually move your items. It’s time to think about how you actually need to prepare your items for shipment. For instance, you want to inspect all of your furniture before you move. Make notes of any damage that is already there, and take pictures so you can prove later on if more damage is done. Make sure that you protect mattresses and box springs with proper coverings. And disassembled bed frames and headboards so as they won’t take up so much space. For your dressers and nightstands secure the drawers by either using strong tape that won’t leave residue, or wrapping them with rope. For all your other smaller items, pack them securely into cheap shipping boxes and secure them with the proper tape. Make sure that before you actually load your cheap shipping boxes on the truck that you inspect them and make sure that they will properly keep your items safe during shipment. It may be wise to shake each box and see if your valuables are rattling around. If they are, add more packing filler and tape the box backup.

This is an exciting time in your life. And with the proper planning you can make the move from college to the next chapter in your life a breeze. Good luck!

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