Some Cool Ideas for Recycling Cardboard from a DIY Master

Does anybody remember that show from PBS, back in the day, with the guy that did the home improvement projects?  Actually, I think he might still have his show, but his name is Bob Vila.  I certainly wouldn’t nominate him for an Oscar, but he made wood-working look as easy as spreading butter on a piece of bread.  And I admit that I’ve even gone to his website and watched tutorials on how to put up drywall- even better, I think they actually helped!  Leave it to Bob, though, to honor the merits of cardboard boxes, be them ever so humble.  What am I talking about?  I mean, come on, there are posts all over the internet about how to upcycle, recycle, and transform cardboard boxes, and Bob Vila is probably the master of them all.  Here are a couple of his awesome suggestions, which you know are going to be good:

Gift cards and Postcards

This is probably one of my favorite ideas.  Use thin cardboard to make home-made cards and then stenciling something on the front.  Or even make a cardboard postcard that can be sent just like a regular postcard.

Napkin Rings    

Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls can be cut into lengths and covered with fabric, and then used as napkin rings.  I make these for themed parties that I host at my house, and then I throw them away when I’m done with them.  They add a nice element to the table and I don’t have to worry about spending money on them and feeling like I need to keep them.

Plant Box/Plants

It’s become super popular to find creative ways to recycle cardboard boxes, instead of just throwing them out.  One of those ways is to use them as plant boxes.  They are also really great for gardens and composting.


Drink Coasters

Who knew that cardboard could be so helpful when it comes to hosting a party?  When I’m throwing a themed party I cut some circles out of cardboard and cover them to match the napkin rings.  Again, after the party I can just throw them out.

For the Cat

Cardboard makes amazing cat scratching material.  You can even by cardboard cat scratchers directly from the pet store.  I, for one, like to make my own by cutting strips of cardboard and rolling them into a large, thick disk.  It lasts for an extended period of time and then I just make another one when I need to.

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