What Room Should Be Packed in What Box

Here’s the thing: when it comes time to move it’s not recommended that you get your hand on any cheap moving boxes and start stuffing them with your belongings.  It turns out that there’s kind of a science to the whole thing, which is why people wind up hiring someone else to do it for them.  That’s all fine and good, but it’s also ridiculously expensive.  Thankfully, with the help of the internet, anyone can have access to the best information about moving boxes and packaging tips.  Here you will find which type of box to use for which move.  Now don’t be alarmed.  You were excited about your healthy stack of cheap moving boxes, and that’s great! You will definitely be able to use those.  But you should really take into consideration the following suggestions:

Packed Boxes

Starting with the hardest room of the house, anyone who has ever packed up a kitchen knows just how weird it is.  What to do with enormous mixing bowls that weigh nothing, tiny jars of spices, and dishes galore?  If in no other room, in this room cheap moving boxes are simply not going to cut it.  You need the reinforced, double-wall, corrugated boxes, to include the dish and glass dividers.  You can find these dish-packing kits for cheap online, or even at some local department stores.

If packing kitchens is weird, so is packing up a closet.  You’ve got some grubby clothes and you’ve got some clothes that you absolutely don’t want getting wrinkled and smashed.  You’ve got tennis shoes and dress shoes, ties, belts, purses… It’s all just really awkward stuff to pack.  Don’t even sweat it: use wardrobe boxes.  Pack the bottom with your shoes and then hang your clothes.  It reduces the headache of moving by about forty percent.

Living rooms and family rooms don’t have very many challenging aspects to them aside from artwork hanging from the walls and a lot of electronics.  Both of these pose significant issues when it comes to packing.  Boxes specific for wall-hangings is a must.  You should also probably invest in a TV box.  Now you don’t have to worry about what the bumps and jolts are doing to your precious items.

Use plastic bins and totes when it comes to packing up your bedrooms.  This is a super efficient way of keeping seasonal clothes together, and also keeping other items organized.  The bins make it easy to stack in the garage or basement to pull out gradually.

File, or bankers, boxes are the best ones to use for packing up the home office.  They are small enough so that you can’t overpack and make them too heavy, and heavy duty enough to support all of your books and papers.  The handles and lids make these exceptionally useful.


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