Gift Wrapping Tips for the Holiday Season

If you have any packaging supplies laying around, then you have everything you need for some pretty cool gift-wrapping ideas.  Chances are that you do have some lying around because anything to do with tape, boxes, or paper pretty much has to do with packaging supplies.  The best part of all is that you are recycling and saving yourself some money at the same time.  This is always a plus, especially around the holiday season when funds are tight and there is a ton of “waste” going on.

Even if you aren’t interested in specialty gift-wrapping, you just want to stick to plain old Christmas-themed wrapping paper, you can still have a heavenly host of beautifully wrapped gifts that will make your whole Christmas tree scene look like a serious work of art.  You can get cheap rolls of wrapping paper at the dollar store, even; the trick is to mix and match with a couple plains and some really vibrant prints.

My favorite go-to gift-wrapping supplies are also some pretty standard packaging supplies: Kraft paper, brown and white.  I usually have a stash on hand specifically for gift-wrapping, especially because they go with absolutely any occasion.  I also shop for themed wrapping elements at the end of a season, and use them for the following season.  I spend very little money on any of my actual wrapping paper or embellishments, which is really hard to do if you are buying them in season.  It’s also a good idea to pick up several ornaments at the end of the season, when they are on clearance, so that you can attach them to Christmas gifts and use them in ornament exchanges.


Using a simple white Kraft paper to wrap a present and then wrapping it with a brightly colored piece of lace or ribbon, or even an old strip of cloth out of the sewing basket, produces an amazing effect.  Write out your To: and From: with a gold sharpie and the look is complete.  Brown Kraft paper decorated with Washi tape, or stamps, is another complete look.  I even wrap some gifts in plain paper and then give them to my kids to color on, or put stickers on, or even paint on.  Their friends think it’s great, and grandparents don’t even stand a chance.

More or less, when you are out and about, keep your eye open for clearance ribbon and tags.  Keep a small stock pile of these items with the rest of your gift-wrapping supplies, and before too long you will have everything you need to wrap any gift for any occasion.

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