Tips on How to Pack for Vacation

You might not think that people are searching the internet for tips on how to pack for vacation these days, but they are!  As a matter of fact, people are turning to tips from the internet for just about everything, and they wind up having a much better experience because of it.  Why not use technology to help you have the best experience possible?  Not maximizing your resources is like using cheap moving boxes as your luggage just because you didn’t know any better.


No way!  Good luggage is the start of an awesome journey, and the tips don’t stop there:

  1. Make a list and check it twice.  Write down everything that comes to mind that you think you might need on your trip, and then cross it off as you pack it.  Going back over the list will help you determine if you really do need that item, or it may spark a reminder for something else.  Include important steps like “take out of the trash”, “set out the hide-a-key”, “turn up the AC”.
  1. A lot of blogs will suggest you take things like a first aid kit on your trip. You should absolutely make sure that you take any and all prescriptions, and maybe even some ibuprofen if you are prone to needing it.  That being said, you can find just about any other kind of medication or bandaids at any number of the Wal-Marts or apothecaries around the world.  Once again, this would be like using cheap moving boxes as your luggage simply because you don’t know where to find luggage.


  1. Make sure you observe airline restrictions and regulations. In case you haven’t flown in a while, YES, the FAA is still enforcing rules about liquids and toiletries.  No liquids can go through the security checkpoint, even if you just bought it at the Starbucks inside of the actual airport and even if it’s a completely sealed can of soda.  They won’t allow it.  Also, all of your toiletries need to be travel-sized and able to fit in a clear, pint-sized plastic bag.  However, they DO allow snacks that you may have packed at home, like a baggie of pretzels or granola bar.  Also, be sure to check the sizes and weights of appropriate carry-ons.  The overheard bins in airplanes get filled very quickly, and if your bag is too big you are going to wind up needing to check it, which you were probably trying to avoid in the first place.
  1. Last, but not certainly not least, if you are going to roll your clothes you might as well be using cheap moving boxes as your luggage! Okay, I know I’ve said that one too many times by now, but it’s true.  You wind up needing way more space when you roll your clothes, although you can probably avoid some wrinkles if you roll your pants.


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