Everything You Need to Know About Packing and Moving in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Getting Started

Moving is overwhelming and stressful.  It tends to sneak up on us and the tasks multiply as time flies.  Sometimes we tend to just put everything off, too overwhelmed by the idea of everything that needs to be done.  The easiest place to start is by collecting your supplies.  Look online for deals on cheap moving boxes and order lots of them.  Get yours hands on as much packaging material as possible!

  1. Cheap Moving Boxes

Getting your box situation organized is a crucial step.  Do you invest in some really sturdy, new moving boxes, or do you save yourself a hefty chunk and get some used, cheap moving boxes?  Whatever you choose, it won’t be wrong, and probably just mainly depends on your budget.  The one thing to keep in mind, though, is to go with a lot of medium sized boxes.  Using large boxes makes them too heavy and too awkward.

Packing and Moving in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Quick Packing

It’s best if you can give yourself a good two or three months to prepare and organize for a move, but that’s not always realistic.  Some helpful, quick packing tips are: pack small items in small boxes and then put those in larger boxes so that you don’t have a bunch of loose stuff floating around, keep your clothes in their drawers, set aside important papers, pack overnight bags for everyone in the family…

  1. Packing the Truck

It helps to plan out how you want to load your moving truck.  Put the largest and heaviest items in first, like appliances and furniture.  Have a bunch of padding set aside (you can collect old blankets or rent some from a moving company).  Place long items in next, like your mattresses, bed pieces, and tables.  Tape disassembled furniture together and keep ALL of the hardware in the SAME place, with the tools that you used.  Pack lighter boxes on heavier, and stuff the holes with bags of clothes and soft items so that there is no shifting during the journey.

  1. Extra Packing Tips

You might want to consider letting a moving company prepare your appliances.  If you are going to do it yourself make sure that all of them empty and have been unplugged for at least 24 hours before the move.  Don’t forget to tape all of the doors closed!  Take pictures of the front and back of your entertainment center so that you know your set-up and which cords go where when you move in.  Speciality boxes for large pieces of artwork and frames is highly recommended.  Smaller pictures can easily be packed side by side, with a layer of bubble wrap in between, and then tape them all together.

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