DIY Gourmet Candy Box Party Favors

There is simply no way around providing favors at your wedding.  For whatever reason, it is socially unacceptable to not provide them.  Unfortunately, most couples continue to completely waste their money on favors that no one cares about.  Thankfully, websites like Pinterest have entered the scene and suddenly people are coming up with great ideas that their guests can actually appreciate.  Everybody loves candy.  Every people group has their own version of it (right?).

Sadly, wedding tables are far too often decorated with little mesh baggies full of butter mints.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good butter mint, but it’s just not wedding style.  I mean, maybe in the 80s and 90s you would have people complaining, “Where’s the butter mints?”,  but nowadays we just think about how many different poisons (like gluten and sugar) have been fused into little lopsided squares.  The solution is to upgrade the old and make it good for the now!  Three words- gourmet candy boxes.

DIY Gourmet

The best part about these gourmet candy boxes is that they are entirely DIY.  Buy some pretty paper that goes with the theme of your wedding (or whatever other event you are hosting) and you can print out templates that you find online.  “Best Day Ever”, “Happy Birthday”, “Let’s Party” or even just a specific date.  Cut out the tags using design scissors, or print on paper that is already perforated.  You can use any type of box of you want, but for the purpose of this post we are suggesting clear plastic cubes.  This is because we are suggesting that you buy adorable candy!  There are so many gourmet candy makers that make so many adorable little candies.

Do you remember how they used to make really cute mini erasers?  Little pieces of pizza, smiling pieces of Sushi, a mini menagerie…  I don’t know about you but I always wanted to eat them.  Now, thanks to these gourmet candy makers, they make little gummies into all of the shapes and items I’ve just mentioned.  Shop around, find your favorite company with the best prices, variety, and ingredients.  Order in bulk.

Pack those clear, plastic candy boxes with all of the adorable gummies of miniature ice-cream cones, pastel-colored bears, and tiny fruit.  The more options the better, because I guarantee you will overhear people comparing boxes and probably even trading too.  I once went to a wedding where some of the guests started having an auction in the back because there were only a couple boxes of one kind and they were being sold for high prices.  Okay, so that was a complete fabrication, but it was a fun note to end on…

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