7 Moving Tips for an Easier Move

Nobody said that moving was easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easier.  Being well organized and staying on top of things can make a move go from chaos to controlled.  That being said, not everyone is organized, and that’s okay!  Those people have their own set of amazing attributes. moving-truck Consider myself: I am incredibly organized individual, but I am also easily frazzled (something I’m working on!).  Consider my friend: she is not very organized at all, but quite a bit more laid back (which I really admire!). Combining the two mindsets and finding a healthy balance is what helps really stressful and involved situations (like moving!) pass by as smoothly as possible. Whether you are on top of your game or just chilling out, here are seven tips to help make moving easier:

  • Have a checklist! The interest has a ton that you can download and print for free.  This is so helpful for keeping you on target the weeks leading up to moving day (send out change of address cards, notify post office, child care arrangements, find some cheap moving boxes…), as well as on “the big day”
  • Have a moving plan! Pack each room separate from each other, labeled with a specific colored tape or large letters indicating where they go (kitchen, Bobby’s room, laundry room, basement), that way the boxes can be loaded and unloaded in an orderly fashion, saving you the hassle of trying to find certain boxes or move them again after you’ve already moved
  • Get ahead of the game! Once you have an established moving date, start packing ahead of time (guest room, hall closets…).  If you are going to have a garage sale, start setting that stuff aside.
  • Simplify! You may have found a nice stack of cheap moving boxes, but you don’t need to waste them on all of the clothes hanging in your closets.  Poke a hole in the bottom of a garbage and slide it over your clothes so that the hook of the hangar comes out the top and everything else is simultaneously contained and protected.  Tie the bottom of the bag and don’t forget to label which room/closet they are supposed to go in.
  • Utilize the space you have! Store small items in large items (pack your spices in your crockpot).  “Cheap moving boxes” doesn’t mean “completely free”, and this will really help with saving on those.
  • Use padding! Use towels, old phone books, newspapers, bubble wrap- anything to properly protect your breakables.  Put them in smaller boxes so that they won’t be too heavy and easy to drop.  Label them with large lettering.
  • Provide a detailed label! Each box should be labeled with the room they are going to (not coming from), and specifics of what is inside (Kitchen: hand towels, Scentsy burner, mixing spoons).  Don’t forget to mark fragile, if you need to!
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