What Pinterest Has to Say About Packaging Supplies

Pinterest can kind of be a drag for people because it tends to show a lot of talent and a lot of resources with very little else.  From delicious looking meals to amazingly creative creations we can see what others have created and feel like we could never be that cool.  Well, the fact is that we can’t.  But the fact also is that it’s okay!  We don’t have to be that cool.  Because that’s so-and-so’s job.

They actually get paid to do what they do, to put together all of those cool articles.  Whoever pays them for the written material also pays them for the materials to make what they are writing about.  So yeah, it’s no use getting bent out of shape about.  If you can look past the fact that not everyone is in the same place at the same time in theirs lives, and that everyone has a different talent and way to use their talent, then you can get some pretty neat ideas from Pinterest.  Will it turn out the way that it looks on Pinterest?  No way!  And that’s okay too!


On the other hand, perhaps you haven’t seen the more business side of what Pinterest has to offer.  IF you type in “baby shower favors” you will never see what happens when you type in “packaging supplies”.  If you type in “baby shower favors” you will see pin after pin of adorable ideas that people will find to be so cute and oohh and ahhh over and ask if you got the idea off Pinterest.  If you type in “packaging supplies” you will something totally different.

First and foremost, you will find pins for resources for different packaging supplies.  The best place for small business resources.  How to brand your small business.  How to organize your packaging supplies.  Cute ideas to add a flair.  Printed masking tape that is super cute but somehow incredibly expensive.  You will find really cool ideas for how to package your homemade goods.  You will find ideas for homemade goods that people like to buy, and then descriptions of how to make them.  You will find completely unrelated stuff, like golf balls, that pops up because the golf balls are in some really cool packaging.  And then you will start to find your monthly subscription boxes, because those just plain old up pop up no matter what you are looking for on Pinterest.  And, like it or not, they always catch my interest.  I look at one to see what it is, and then I have to click on a suggested pin, and another one, and another one.  Those monthly subscription boxes, man.  They get me every time.

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